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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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5 keys to reaching your fitness goal

Can you recall the awe of watching a perfect performance — the culmination of skill and talent developed over a lifetime — displayed in a single moment?

We recognize superior athletes because of their work ethic, physical prowess and accomplishments. Maybe you’ve even been inspired enough by a single performance to believe that anything is possible. If you are an athlete or just looking to get in the best shape of your life, I’m here to tell you anything is possible, you just have to go get it.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with world champions and Olympians, and I’ve learned from the best of the best that there are five keys to becoming a champion in sports and life.

1. Want it: Nobody ever reached ultimate success in any endeavor without passion. If you want to accomplish a goal, whether it is fat loss, muscle gain or improved performance, ask yourself one question: Do you really want to be successful, or does it just sound good when you say it? Your goal will take sacrifice, and you must want success more than what you’ll have to sacrifice in the process of attaining it.

2. Never give up: You are more capable than you know. Be brave enough to prove this to yourself over time. Realize that failure is part of the process. Keep your cool and take confidence in knowing your failures are lessons that will lead you to success at that perfect moment. Success won’t be determined by how many times you’re knocked down, but instead by how many you get up.

3. Be selfish: Nobody cares more about your dreams than you, so don’t let anything sidetrack you. If your actions aren’t congruent with the end goal, you’ll never get there. Eliminating distractions requires sacrifice, remember you want it, so choose wisely.

4. Listen to your coach: If you don’t have someone smarter than you as your guide, this is going to take forever. Remember: Even though the Force was with him, Luke Skywalker had to travel the galaxy to find a master. No champion has ever reached success without a voice of reason to guide him or her. Find an expert who cares.

5. Be consistent: Set your goal, lay out a plan, don’t deviate from it and make it a habit. “Practice makes perfect,” and perfect takes a ton of practice. Look at each training session as practice, give it your all, learn from mistakes and over time you will improve. Champions are just people who attempted greatness one day at a time.

These are the secrets to becoming a champion.

The only difference between you and those world champions is they started their journey in childhood. But it is never too late to start. You are made of the same stuff Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Anderson Silva are made of.

Set your goal now, and imagine yourself one year from today. Where will you be after applying the champion mindset? Greatness starts with a choice, make yours now!

Ryan Bruggeman is the owner of Genergy Human Performance and Fitness and director of Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa. For more information Like www.facebook.com/genergyhealth or visit www.genergyhealth.com. To contact Ryan, email: [email protected]

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