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Friday, Oct 20, 2017
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Hannah Bartoletta utilizes texting technology

Hannah Bartoletta Homes is going high-tech to get prospective buyers the information they want fast and hassle-free. "The most exciting piece of technology that we are taking advantage of is texting," says Charley Hannah, co-founder of the company. "We are trying to give people who have texting capabilities on their cell phone the ability to get information on a Hannah Bartoletta home that interests them." Hannah says signs in front of models will have texting instructions for shoppers. "The goal is to be able to send basic information to a potential buyer who is in front of one of our homes," he says. "More detailed information can be pulled up via mobile Web links, including limited photography and an audio narrative description of the home. If the buyer likes the area where our home is located, he or she will be able to get text messages and mobile Web pages with information and directions to other Hannah Bartoletta homes in the same community. Shoppers do not even have to get out of the car to do all that."
Hannah says the turn to mobile technology is a response to the housing market. With so many inventory homes for sale and so many anxious sellers, shoppers are inundated with follow-up calls and more information than they need, he says. "The promise we are making is to never call a prospective buyer unless we are asked to," Hannah says. "We just want to make it easier for people who are shopping for a home to find the information they are looking for without worrying that they will be bombarded with more information than they need." Thirty-five Hannah Bartoletta homes are part of the program and the company expects to add more during the next few months. "We will be doing this in all of our communities," Hannah says. "We think this technology will be especially beneficial in communities where we are closing out sales and no longer have a model center with community representatives on site." The Web site, www.hbh.info, also is part of the company's efforts to get back to basics, he says. "Using the Web site communications as a way for people to get more and more information is becoming a focus for us. We are providing podcasts on market conditions as well as what is happening at Hannah Bartoletta and what is happening nationally. People can visit the Web site and get our opinions in a way that is more localized than what they might get on the nightly news." Hannah thinks that providing only the information shoppers want is the best way to help consumers make informed choices.
Although it's a buyers' market, Hannah is confident that the value of a Hannah Bartoletta home will stand the test of time, regardless of housing conditions. "We have honed our ability to fit the right level of luxury features and finishes together in a way that is appropriate to the home and the community," he says. "Our communities fit a lifestyle niche that would be difficult to reproduce at a better price." Hannah Bartoletta has models in The Estuary of Mobbly Bay, Wellington Manor, Bella Casa, FishHawk Ranch and MiraBay, among other communities. The company is building in Sunset Lakes, Wilderness Lake Preserve, Tree Tops, Tampa Palms, River Bend and Crystal Lake Preserve. For information, visit the Web site or call (813) 909-1200.
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