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Monday, Oct 23, 2017
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Sessions decries Oklahoma's homicide, overdose death rates

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions defended his agency's civil asset forfeiture program and decried the rising number of homicides and opioid deaths nationwide during a speech before dozens of Oklahoma sheriffs and law enforcement officers
Published: 10/19/17
US obesity problem is not budging, new data shows

US obesity problem is not budging, new data shows

New government research shows obesity rates for U.S. children, teens and adults aren't getting any better
Published: 10/13/17

Children's obesity rates in rich countries may have peaked

Study shows obesity rates in children may have peaked in rich countries
Published: 10/10/17
Updated: 10/11/17

South Carolina's teen birth rate plummets over 25 years

South Carolina's teen birth rate has dropped by 67 percent over the last 25 years
Published: 10/08/17

Ohio's infant mortality rate rose slightly in 2016

Ohio's Health Department says the number of infant deaths rose slightly in 2016 compared with the previous year
Updated one month ago

Recent Missouri editorials

Recent Missouri editorials
Updated one month ago

Teen mom explains what she sacrificed: 'everything.'

Teen mom explains what she sacrificed: 'everything. Financially, mentally, physically'
Updated one month ago

Wisconsin sees decline in birth rate

Wisconsin's birth rate has declined in the past decade and experts say much of the decrease is driven by a significant drop in teen births
Updated one month ago

Poland: Official running roads resigns amid high death rate

The deputy minister in charge of Poland's roads resigned Friday, a day after a government report showed the country has one of the highest rates in Europe for fatal vehicle accidents
Updated one month ago