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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Thank-you notes for Jimmy Fallon before his Tampa show

We could use the laughs, so we're thankful talk show host Jimmy Fallon is coming to town Wednesday with his sold-out Clean Cut Comedy Tour.

We're so thankful, we're stealing his “Late Night” shtick and writing him a few thank-you notes.

Queue the music (and the wistful looks), James Poyser.


— Jimmy, thank you for making your bestie Justin Timberlake a seems-like semi-regular on your talk show. We were not getting enough of him on every award show, in the movies (“Runner Runner”), on the radio or those incessant “Take Back the Night” Bud Lite commercials.


— Thank you for your version of “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke using classroom instruments. It completely twerked the version with the big foam finger on the VMAs.


— Thank you for the “Slow Jams” with NBC anchor Brian Williams, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and President Obama. What do you have on these guys that you can get them to do this?


— Thank you for all your musical impersonations. Tebowie was brilliant. We still think that was the real Neil Young on stage with Bruce Springsteen.


— Thank you for agreeing to take over “The Tonight Show.” If we had to watch another “Jaywalking” we were going to lose it.


— Thank you for choosing the lovely Tampa Theatre for your appearance. We just wish you would've chosen one that would have taken more than 42 minutes to sell out.


If you're lucky enough to have tickets, the show starts tonight at 8 at Tampa Theatre, 711 N. Franklin St., Tampa.

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