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Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Tampa thrift shops provide Macklemore-worthy style

It was party anthem “Can't Hold Us” and socially conscious ballad “Same Love” that netted Macklemore & Ryan Lewis their first MTV VMAs this summer, but when we heard the rapper-producer duo was coming to Tampa, all that played in our heads was that infectious saxophone groove from “Thrift Shop.”

The song is a glorious ode to second-hand shopping, where $20 is more than enough for a new outfit — so long as you've got the swagger to pull off grandad pants under a leopard-print fur coat.

But make no mistake, “Thrift Shop” didn't make thrifting cool. It simply reinforced what the cool kids already knew: There's no reason to break the bank to look just like everyone else. And why know exactly where your clothes came from when you can own something with some mystery, a story perhaps?

We wanted to see this philosophy in action, so we challenged four people to put together thrift-shop outfits worthy of wearing to the Macklemore & Ryan concert.

See what they came up with in our thrift shop fashion photo gallery.

Here are some tips for successful thrift-shop shopping from our shoppers:

-Ashleigh Stembridge, 24, art student and hair stylist: “You can't limit yourself. The kids section always has the coolest stuff, and I always look in the guys section for good T-shirts to alter.”

-Guillermo Novoa, 29, creative writing student: “You're already getting a deal, but If you look for sales you get stuff really cheap. Wednesdays are half off everything at Salvation Army stores.”

-Hali Hasenstab, 25, women's studies and history student: “You have to go consistently, at least a few times a month, or you won't find anything. Monday and Tuesday are the best; people drop all their stuff off over the weekend.”

-Daniel Louis, 27, nursing student: “Look for really odd colors that stand out on the rack. That's how I found a lot of band T-shirts, and shirts with funny or bizarre things printed on them. Normal stuff wouldn't get printed on such a weird color.”

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