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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Tampa surgeon tells Howard Stern how to fix his face

A Tampa-based plastic surgeon had his work laid out for him Wednesday when he appeared on Howard Stern's satellite radio show to offer the shock jock and his crew some advice on making their faces more attractive.

Adam Scheiner, 44, evaluated the faces of several of the show's cast members, including executive producer Gary Dell'Abate, whose “giant” teeth have been a running joke on the show for decades, and Stern himself, who has spent countless hours on air complaining about his looks.

In the segment, Scheiner told Dell'Abate that his upper jaw developed larger than the rest of his face, leading to “long face syndrome” and “gummy smile,” which could be fixed by removing a piece of his jaw bone.

Stern could benefit from laser surgery to his upper eyelids and by adding volume to his cheeks with filler, Scheiner said.

“Imagine how gorgeous I'd be,” Stern said, cracking up.

Scheiner, an expert on facial features and author of “The True Definition of Beauty,” used digitally altered photos to demonstrate what the Stern crew would look like after having work done. Scheiner said he focuses on the mouth and eyes because those are the features human brains are trained to notice first and make judgements from.

“My practice is not about vanity; it's about improving communication,” Scheiner said. “The way we're viewed by the world and communicate with people is all influenced by the non-verbal cues we send out, and that can be dramatically improved.”

It's not the first time Scheiner has had a taste of the national spotlight. He has appeared on “The Dr. Oz Show” and “The Doctors” to discuss his treatment for bags under the eyes, known as festoons.

Earlier this year, he evaluated the faces of New York City mayoral candidates for the New York Post and offered advice on how they could change their looks to better communicate with voters. Scheiner said that a Stern staff member saw that Post story and called to ask if he could do the same for them.

“It was really cool. I used to listen to (Stern) on AM radio growing up,” Scheiner said. “Maybe Howard will fly down and have something done now.”

More information on Scheiner is available at adamscheinermd.com.

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