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Friday, Nov 17, 2017
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Tampa a sweet spot for sugar daddies, dating site says

TAMPA - Here's something new that distinguishes Tampa from other communities: It has more than its share of sugar daddies, and they aren't stingy with their cash. According to SeekingArrangement.com, which claims to be the "largest sugar daddy dating website" in the nation, Tampa ranks 12th in the number of older gentlemen who lavish younger ladies with gifts and 12th on the "most generous" list. For those of a naive persuasion, a sugar daddy is an older man with enough disposable income that he can shower a younger woman in style. He need not be unmarried, but he needs to be able to dump thousands of dollars a month on the relationship. And, there's a dot-com for that.
SeekingArrangements.com is a dating website that hooks up these types of gentlemen with women seeking such arrangements. SeekingArrangements.com founder and CEO Brandon Wade said statistics gathered over the past five years showed San Francisco as the No. 1 city for sugar daddies. The data gives average income, net worth and how much the average sugar daddy in the area spends on his woman. In Tampa, nearly two of every 1,000 adult men are sugar daddies, the website reported. A typical Tampa sugar daddy has an average income of $254,762, is worth about $4.6 million and spends approximately $4,229 a month on his "sugar addiction," Wade said in a letter announcing the findings. Just more than a third are married. In the ranking of 20 metropolitan areas, Tampa was just below Seattle and just above Denver. Orlando ranked 14th in the number of sugar daddies and Miami ranked eighth. Both Orlando and Miami ranked higher than Tampa in cash spent on women each month. Sugar daddy dating is a fast-growing trend and lifestyle in the United States, Wade said. Since the launch of the dating service in 2006, he said, "We have seen the number of active sugar daddies grow from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands around the world." The average sugar daddy in the United States is 39 years old and almost half are married. He makes an average annual income of $263,589, is worth about $5.6 million and spends approximately $4,357 a month on his sugar addiction. In 2007, the average age was 44, and since then the average income has dropped 18 percent from $321,482, net worth has dropped 21 percent from $7.1 million, and the average monthly budget has dropped 30 percent from $6,231. The website's statistics show that 95.6 percent are heterosexual, 3.8 percent are homosexual and less than 1 percent are bisexual. About a fourth of the sugar daddies are entrepreneurs and business owners, 16 percent are professionals, 13 percent are bankers and 7 percent are in the legal profession. Doctors and heath care workers? Just 5 percent.
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