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Saturday, Sep 23, 2017
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Nintendo's 3DS adds glasses-free 3-D

LOS ANGELES - At this morning's E3 convention press event, Nintendo gave the public a glimpse of the newest entry in its popular line of DS handheld video game systems. Officially dubbed the 3DS, the new system retains the dual screens, touch panel, cameras, and microphone from previous systems, but offers new technology that allows gamers to have experiences not possible with conventional handheld devices. Here are a few of those innovations: Glasses-free 3D: The 3DS offers a larger, wider screen that allows for 3-D visuals like those Hollywood is currently bringing to theaters - all without the glasses. Game developers say that this not only gives them the opportunity for dazzling visual effects, but brings a new depth to game play not possible before, making tasks that are difficult in two dimensions, like jumping ahead to platforms in front of you or flying through rings, more precise than ever before.
Graphical horsepower: What good would that innovative new screen be without beefier graphics? The new processors found inside the 3DS push its graphics much closer to those currently enjoyed on home consoles. 3D camera: The 3DS keeps the same front-facing camera as the DSi before it and adds a new, second camera to the outside of its case. These new dual cameras allow you to take your own 3-D photos that are viewable on the 3D screen. Motion awareness: The 3DS employs tilt sensors and gyroscopes like those found in the company's Wii controllers, giving the device awareness of itself in 3-D space. Tilt the system up, down, left, or right and your view in the game compensates. Analogue control: Like the control sticks that have been available on home consoles for decades, the analogue stick on the 3DS gives more precise control than the old four-way directional pads allowed. Tilt the stick a little, your game character walks. Push it harder, they run. There was no announcement on when the 3DS will hit retail or for how much.
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