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Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017
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Moonlighting: The Drynk

The Drynk, 302 S. Howard Ave., Tampa; (813) 251-5552 The venue: A compact space costumed with trendy club appointments and a street-side patio. Hours: 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday and Saturday, 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. Friday; closed Sunday and Monday The allure: The beautiful people, the beautiful people. Plus, it's one of the few true clubs in the SoHo area.
Possible grievances: When it's packed with dancing fools, going to the bar — or anywhere else — becomes quite the task. Last call: If you're in the market for a trophy wife, be sure to evaluate the talent that struts into this tricked-out corner shed. The club is dressed in arrogance and wants you to know it, as evidenced by the open-garage design. If grinding on a grade-A pieces of flesh and/or looking important with your crew at one of the surrounding V.I.P. tables is in your weekend plans, be sure to make your presence known and hop in line early. From its Vegas-styled couch area nestled right off the dance floor, to the alley-way sized patio area literally just a few feet away, you won't have any trouble checking out all the eye candy. If you're trying to avoid the dance area — consisting of tanned hard-bodies in clothes that look as if they were painted on, and that includes the guys — there is a tiny corridor to an oversized dorm-room, complete with more V.I.P. couches and a bar. But you're still in shoulder-to-shoulder territory. The Drynk serves a purpose, and with the majority of bars trying to act as hybrids (half club, half bar), this pumping joint stays true to what it wants to be — although they could drop the $10 cover charge. You may get more bang for your buck paying an admission to Chuck E. Cheese and running into the kids who are scouring around its tiny mouse holes. It's basically the same thing here, except these "kids" are high on a different type of candy.

Freelance writer Joe Belcastro can be reached at jvbelcastro@aol.com.
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