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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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'Jay and Silent Bob Get Old' recording live in St. Pete

Jay and Silent Bob are getting old.
It's not a cheap shot to say so. The men who play the iconic, pot-dealing duo - director Kevin Smith and his longtime pal Jason Mewes - readily admit it. They even host a regular podcast titled "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old."
But love for the characters, who first appeared nearly two decades ago in Smith's cult classic debut "Clerks," hasn't faded. Not even in the seven years since "Clerks 2," their last of six movie appearances.
That's why when Smith and Mewes decided to take their podcast on an international live tour to screen the new "Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie," tickets started selling out fast, Mewes said during a phone interview from his home in Los Angeles.
Smith and Mewes host a screening of the movie with a live taping of their podcast and a Q&A session Saturday at The Palladium in St. Petersburg.
"I think people relate to them," Mewes said of Jay and Bob's longevity. "Everyone has a Jay in their life. Everyone has a friend, or cousin or brother who has no filter. The dude who's obnoxious and always says what he's thinking and doesn't hold back; the guy that curses in front of your mom.
"On the other hand, it's still surreal. I remember walking through comic con and not even being able to make it across the room because of people swarming us. To this day, I'll be somewhere and a 70-year-old couple will come up and be like 'I love you Jay.'?"
Smith and Mewes rarely hold back on their podcast, which was started as a way to help Mewes stay clean after he kicked a drug habit more than three years ago, something he talks about publicly on every episode.
The show features everything from Smith dishing on A-list actors who were a nightmare to work with, to both men answering detailed questions about sex with their spouses, to Mewes recounting his rock-bottom moment of being pulled over while driving with a deployed airbag the night he was arrested for heroin possession - a real-life moment that found its way into "Clerks 2."
"A lot of things I've said and done over the years have made their way into Kevin's movies, like I'll read the script for something, and I'll look at him and be like 'Yo you remembered that?'," Mewes said. "But that character was me. That's exactly who I was when I was 13 to 19. Luckily I've grown up and learned how to hold my tongue a little bit."
"Super Groovy Cartoon Movie" was written by Smith, but sat collecting dust for years until Mewes decided to tackle it as his first producing project. Along with Smith and Mewes, who voice Bluntman and Chronic, Jay and Silent Bob's superhero alter egos, the movie features voice work by Neil Gaiman, Eliza Dushku, Jon Lovitz and Stan Lee.
It won't be the last appearance of the foul-mouthed pair. Last month, the Internet lit up with fanboy glee over Smith's tweet that he'd finished a script for "Clerks 3," which he later said would feature Jay and Bob.
Mewes was tight-lipped about the plot, noting that Smith was being so secretive with the script that he hadn't allowed a single copy to leave his house.
"I had to go over there just to read it. I can't say anything, except that it's really funny and it has heart. It's going to make people laugh and cry."
And even though Jay and Bob are aging, Mewes said the job hasn't gotten old yet.
"Standing next to one of my best friends just being goofy, I honestly have no problem doing it forever."
With Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes
When: 7:30 p.m. Saturday
Where: The Palladium, 253 Fifth Ave. N., St. Petersburg
Tickets: $25 to $59; (727) 791-7400 and www.rutheckerdhall.com

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