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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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How to mix a great margarita

Whether it’s a sour premade version that puckers your pout, or an overly-sweet concoction served at a friend’s barbecue, we’ve all had a margarita that didn’t float our boat. Frozen or on the rocks, Margaritas are one of America’s favorite cocktails. Though they are easy to make, there’s a secret to making a good one. “It’s all about proportion,” said Kyle Miller, a long-time bartender at Miguel’s Mexican Seafood and Grill on Kennedy Blvd., in Tampa. “Really, you can make it with any tequila, but you have to have the right balance of ingredients.” Miller uses tequila, homemade sour mix, orange-flavored liqueur like Patron Citronage and a splash of Gran Marnier to make the perfect margarita, which happens to be the restaurant’s most popular seller. Miguel’s serves more than a dozen types of margaritas using some 60 varieties of tequilas.
Here’s Miller’s suggestion for making the perfect margarita. Sour mix: Miguel’s uses a homemade sour mix. “It’s not too sweet or too sour,” Miller added. But he’s not giving away the family secret. So, if you’re whipping one up at home, he suggests using fresh lime juice or agave syrup if you like it a little sweeter. Tequila: Good quality tequila makes for a better margarita. The restaurant uses Cabo Wabo Blanco in its top-shelf margarita, but there are other choices. Also, silver tequila is better than gold tequila because it offers a smoother taste, Miller said. Also, measure out the tequila and other ingredients so you get the right balance of flavors. Salt or Sugar: Salt and sugar look pretty around the rim of the glass. Salt is the most popular rim adornment and helps balance the tartness and sweetness of the mix, but it’s strictly personal preference. MILLER’S PERFECT MARGARITA 1 part silver tequila 1 part Fresh Lime Juice or 1 part Patron Citronage or another orange liquor A splash of Gran Marnier Glass Combine all the ingredients and shake. Strain over fresh ice in a margarita glass and enjoy. Salt or sugar optional.
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