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Thursday, Apr 19, 2018
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Culpepper survives duel on ‘Survivor’

Brad Culpepper has a tough Redemption Island duel against the Codys but lived to fight another day on Wednesday’s “Survivor.”

He could have avoided the competition completely if he’d accepting his wife Monica’s offer to switch places with him. Culpepper declined her offer calling her “his rock.”

In he Redemption duel, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer, competing against Candice and John Cody, had to use planks from a box to build a bridge and then use the painted side of the planks to create a picture, like a jigsaw puzzle to stay in the competition.

The race was neck-and-neck until the puzzle portion where John Cody finished quickly, leaving his wife and Culpepper struggling to match pieces. By mere seconds, Culpepper completed the picture, sending Candice Cody home.

During the immunity challenge, Tadhana, comprised of loved ones, won its first immunity challenge, sending Galang, comprised of veteran “Survivor” players, to tribal council.

They blindsided Laura Morett, the “Survivor: Samoa” vet who has proven herself in puzzle competitions.

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