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Monday, Jun 25, 2018
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Air sex competition in St. Pete for fakers only

Are you funny?
Are you believable?
Are you willing to get onstage in front of a bar full of people and pretend you're "makin' whoopee" with an imaginary partner?
If you answered yes to all three questions, New Orleans comedian Chris Trew says you have what it takes to compete in the "most important sporting event of all time."
The Air Sex World Championships, a national tour that's part comedy show, part performance art, part sports competition, stops at The Local 662 in St. Petersburg at 9 p.m. Thursday.
The winner gets free airfare to compete in a regional competition and a shot at the "coveted championship belt." And that's not just an expression. Trew, who founded and hosts the competition, stresses that there is an actual, pro wrestling-style belt.
"It's stunning," Trew said.
Trew came up with the air sex idea in Austin, Texas, for what was supposed to be a one-time parody of air guitar competitions. It caught on, and in 2009, he started taking the show on the road. But he doesn't want you to get all weird about it, he said.
"First and foremost, people should know this is a comedy show. It's going to make you laugh, probably very hard. But don't show up expecting to get turned on, " Trew said.
Or to see nudity, although many entrants have been known to strip to their skivvies.
The competition is open to anyone 18 or older. Contestants are judged on their performance, use of props and costumes, and music selection.
"You'd be surprised who shows up," Trew said. "For every college student, there's a retired person. For every person who's really open about sex, there's someone bashful. It's something everyone can enjoy together."
If you're looking for inspiration, you can see Trew's own air sex routine from last season's "America's Got Talent"auditions in St. Petersburg on YouTube. The video doesn't last very long though, as Trew was promptly rejected by all three judges, including shock jock Howard Stern, who said called it "very, highly offensive."
Admission to the Air Sex World Championships in St. Petersburg is $7. Those interested in competing should email [email protected], and, Trew said, start stretching now.
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