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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Must-see Super Bowl commercials to watch for Sunday

Even at $4 million for a 30-second spot, getting your ad in front of the eyeballs of 300 million Super Bowl viewers this Sunday could still be considered a deal. It's one of the few times people willingly give commercials their full attention.

We've followed the hype, watched the teasers (yes, there are actually commercials for the commercials now), and picked out the seven ads you won't want to miss.

Dannon Oikos: Nostalgia is a powerful advertising tool, and Dannon is going for a big dose of it by reuniting stars of '90s sitcom “Full House,” Bob Saget (uptight dad Danny Tanner), Dave Coulier (wacky uncle Joey) and John Stamos (cool-haired Uncle Jesse) for its yogurt ad. If it's half as funny as the trio tucking Jimmy Fallon into bed “Full House”-style this week, it will be a winner.

GoDaddy: The web domain service built its rep on super sexy Super Bowl ads, but they're taking things in a (kinda scary) new direction this year with an ad featuring a hulking Danica Patrick, in the most realistic muscle suit you've ever seen, leading a pack of bodybuilders in search of a spray tan. Fun fact: the NASCAR driver is making her 13th appearance in a Super Bowl ad, the most of any celeb ever, according to GoDaddy.

SodaStream: The saga of the homemade soda machine company's first Super Bowl ad with sultry new spokeswoman Scarlett Johannson just keeps growing. First, Fox forced the company to axe part of the ad to avoid offending big-time advertisers Coke and Pepsi. Then Oxfam gave Johannson the axe from her gig as “global ambassador” because Israeli company SodaStream operates in the West Bank. With all the controversy, this commercial better be good.

Budweiser: The brewer has a pair of commercials competing for your heartstrings this year. Its “puppy love” ad is sure to bring on the cute overload as a puppy makes friends with one of the company's iconic Clydesdale horses, but the ad that's almost guaranteed to jerk a few tears features a real-life hero's welcome in Winter Park, as a soldier returns home to an unexpected celebration involving the entire town.

Wonderful Pistachios: Stephen Colbert got (brutally and hilariously) sacked by Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy on Wednesday night's “Colbert Report,” but we're thinking Colbert's endorsement skills are probably better than his moves at QB. Judging by the teaser, the hilarious faux-conservative pundit's ad will feature all the character's hallmarks, from the patriotic screeching eagle effect to a complete lack of regard for his own pompousness. Truth be told, even if Colbert were hawking empty pistachio shells, we'd probably be buying.

H&M: David Beckham returns with another ad featuring the ripped soccer player in his undies (he has his own line for H&M these days), but the budget fashion retailer is letting fans vote on whether the Brit will be #covered or #uncovered in the commercial. As of this writing, #uncovered was winning by a formidable 34,000 votes.

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