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Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
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Welcome to Pop Rocks!

It’s about time. We’ve talked for a while about starting a pop culture/entertainment blog and decided our move to a new blog software was the perfect opportunity. So what will this blog be all about? Basically what you talk about around your desks (granted this is a newsroom so we get away with more.) John Travolta is a tool. Kim and Kanye named their baby WHHAAT? Jordan Catalano won an Oscar, who woulda thunk it? You *must* check out this Tampa show.

Meet the three Pop Rocks contributors:

I’m Kim MacCormack, and I’m in charge of the breaking fluff. What band is playing where, what movie is coming out on Friday and seriously, Beiber just did what??? I pick what’s on the cover of Friday Extra, what goes in Personalities on Page 2A of the Tribune and help determine which celebrity goes on the front page when they die. (Still stings I couldn’t talk Jack Lemmon onto 1A). I like superhero movies, Bruce Springsteen and am still reeling from Episode 1 of Season 2 of “House of Cards.” Worst case scenario, this intro sounds like an eHarmony ad. Best case, you’ll find some stuff we can agree on and other stuff you’ll want to convince me I’m wrong. Welcome to the fluff fray.

I’m Christopher Spata, a producer for TBO.com and a self-appointed expert on ‘90s action films, premium cable’s Sunday night lineup, golden-age hip hop and the proper crispiness of NY-style pizza crust. I drink old fashioneds because I saw Don Draper do it.

I’m Clarisa Gerlach, news editor at TBO.com who eagerly waits by the mailbox Fridays for “Entertainment Weekly.” I don’t have cable (yeah, I know) but keep up with favorites such as “Mad Men” on Netflix and am the first to get addicted to shows on PBS (“Mr. Selfridge,” anyone?). I feel about really old watching the Grammys because my radio is either set to ‘90s on 9 or ‘80s on 8 on Sirius/XM. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this has rubbed off on my two daughters (11 and 8) who can sing every word to “Wonderwall” and don’t know one song by One Direction.

Enough about us. What do you want to see here? Drop us a comment. We’d love to hear from you.