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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Miley among greatest pop culture tongues

As we prepare for Miley Cyrus and her “Bangerz” tour to arrive at the Forum on Thursday, we've been contemplating where the tongue-wagging pop star's constantly-extended mouth appendage falls in with other famous tongues.

Here are five other pop culture tongues to hold you over until Miley gets here.

♦ The Rolling Stones logo: The “tongue and lips design” created by art designer John Pasche first appeared in 1971 on an inner sleeve of the band's “Sticky Fingers” album. Pasche said the idea “was to represent the band's anti-authoritarian attitude, Mick (Jagger's) mouth and the obvious sexual connotations.” It was voted the greatest band logo of all time in 2008.

♦ “A Christmas Story”: A “sinister” triple-dog-dare in this holiday favorite prompts Flick to put his tongue on the flagpole, where it sticks because it's so cold outside. According to the website devoted to the “A Christmas Story” house and museum, a hidden suction cup was used to create the illusion that Flick's tongue really froze to the pole.

♦ Gene Simmons: Rumors abound that the KISS bassist had his tongue surgically enhanced. Simmons shot that down in his autobiography, but he does hint that the most famous tongue in rock 'n' roll parties every day.

♦ Albert Einstein: The iconic photo of the theoretical physicist was snapped in 1951 by UPI photographer Arthur Sasse, who tried to persuade a frustrated Einstein, trying to celebrate his 72nd birthday in peace, to smile for the camera but instead got the tongue.

♦ Michael Jordan: The tongue hanging from the mouth of the NBA Hall of Famer is his signature move. Well, that, and the 32,292 points he scored, the 5,633 assists and the 6,672 total rebounds.

♦ “Batman Returns”: The Caped Crusader, played by Michael Keaton, gets a little hot under the cowl when Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) thinks his face is a bowl of milk. Meow!