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Saturday, Aug 19, 2017

New ‘Interstellar’ trailer launches McConaughey into space

So far, Christopher Nolan’s strategy with his new film “Interstellar” has been one of total secrecy.

Even a big, surprise appearance at San Diego Comic Con revealed little about the movie, other than Matthew McConaughey stars as an engineer on a scientific mission to save Earth, and it has something to do with wormholes.

Let’s just say it’s working, because I’m salivating over this movie.

A new trailer popped up online today giving us the first glimpse inside the wormhole and it looks amazing. We get a bit of McConaughey getting all philosophical about the human race (has he been doing that a lot lately?) before things get spacey.

And to add another layer of coolness, you can only watch it by going to the “Interstellar” site and typing in the code: 7201969 (the date Apollo 11 landed on the Moon).

Can you say “2001: A Space Odyssey” for a new generation? Let’s hope this lives up to the hype when it comes out Nov. 7.