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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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MeowMeowBeenz rules the world

Almost a week later, my family is still (fake) playing the MeowMeowBeenz game featured on NBC’s “Community.” (One of my favorite shows.)

Just do a Google search and you can see this episode was a viral hit.

Not only was #MeowMeowBeenz trending on Twitter, you can now order T-shirts and hoodies and there’s even a fan website that says it’s developing an app (true or not, I love it.)

Ridiculous as this episode was, it really brought home how we have become so self-abosorbed in our social media driven world.

For the record, according to my kids, I’m have three MeowMeowBeenz and their dad has negative MeowMeowBeenz. Sounds about right.