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Monday, Nov 20, 2017
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Pizza Hut tempts British customers with hot dog-stuffed crust

TAMPA - We've become a bit desensitized with all the crazy food that has passed through the Florida State Fair of late, but this might be even a little too much for the bravest of eaters to swallow. First it was flavored crusts, then crusts stuffed with cheese. Now Pizza Hut may be taking the stuffed-crust idea to a whole new low. Hot dog-stuffed-crust pizzas. This gastronomic offering appears on the delivery menus for Pizza Hut sites in the United Kingdom, with the description: "Succulent hot dog sausage bursting from our famous stuffed crust, with a FREE Mustard Drizzle."
Not that Pizza Hut customers across the pond have completely off-the-wall tastes: The British menu also offers more "standard" options such as Hawaiian, Steak Supreme and Veggie Sizzler (green chilies, jalapeños, mixed peppers and onions). We have no problem with an occasional hot dog, and of course we're up for a good pizza any time - even breakfast. But the idea of both in the same bite just seems wrong. Luckily, we can't be tempted to try it. Pizza Hut has yet to make this item available in the United States. But it may only be a matter of time. Does this sound the least bit appetizing or will you pass?
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