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Sunday, Jun 17, 2018
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Coldwell Banker equips agents, customers with the latest tools

As consumers, we use our smart phones in so many aspects of our lives it makes us wonder how we managed to get through day without them a mere five years ago. Traveling, dining, dieting, gaming, banking, working; you name it and there’s likely an application ? or app, as it’s called ? for doing tasks virtually anywhere. In perfect stride with this mobile technology wave is the real estate industry, and leading the pack is Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate with its new consumer-oriented applications that help you fast-track your quest to find your new home. “The world is going to mobile apps and we’re excited to offer this benefit to our customers, an added value that no one else in real estate is offering,” said Charles Richardson, West Central Florida regional senior vice president of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate. Called AgentMobile Real Search, the new app is a multifunction application that allows you to use your smart phone to search for homes currently on the market. You can search by city, state and ZIP code and, better yet, by your current location.
“Let’s say you’re driving in a neighborhood that appeals to you or are at one of our open houses,” Richardson said. “Use the Real Search app to instantly find all of the homes for sale in that area and drive right to them, right then.” Another way Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate is using mobile technology is through its advertisements. On most ads for listed homes is a toll-free telephone number and a four-digit code. By calling the number with a smart phone and entering the code, digital photography and details about the home are sent directly to your phone. Richardson said that the new offerings are only the tip of what’s to come for the real estate industry. “We know that 90 percent of the initial search for homes begins on the Internet,” he said. “And we know that mobile technology is quickly becoming the initial point of access to services. Customers have expectations for being able to access information themselves and quickly. So it was clear direction for us to offer these programs.” That ahead-of-the-curve attitude is not new for Coldwell Banker, Richardson said. For years now, Coldwell Banker has been an innovator, taking the lead in providing its customers with up-to-the-minute information about their future homes and communicating instantly with its sales associates, arming them with market updates, sales trends and selling tips. A drive to use technology and push connectivity has resulted in a real estate company making the absolute best use of lightning-fast tools. Here are examples of the customer-centered offerings. •Most notable is Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate’s interactive website FloridaMoves.com, which lets home buyers share properties they are considering with their social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google) to get feedback from their family and friends. The site also offers an interactive map for finding nearby schools, shopping, transportation, etc. •The company was one of the first to make use of QR codes (quick response codes, the two-dimensional images resemble pixilated bar codes) via smart phones so customers can take virtual tours and see more listings and open houses. Coldwell Banker arms its sales associates with an array of social media tools to track the latest details for ongoing and potential sales, as well as stay in touch with colleagues. •HomeBase, an online transaction management system, offers Coldwell Banker customers a secure account that tracks every detail of their real estate transaction, even on smart phones. •Coldwell Banker’s YouTube channel, called On Location, is helping agents show properties to clients on virtual tours, allowing them to narrow searches down before actually visiting a property, an important tool for international buyers. •In addition, Coldwell Banker offers an international home search app for iPhone and Android-powered devices, which helps users search online, instantly providing details about homes and digital maps. •And, because it’s a big world, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate offers an online multilingual program that helps international buyers begin their home search in 18 languages, stated Clark Toole, Florida President for Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate. Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate has 18 offices in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. For more information, visit FloridaMoves.com or call (800) 624-5292.
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