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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Westchase Elementary sends gifts to Jamaican youngsters

TAMPA - Like most kids, it was Christian Yu’s birthday – and he was expecting lots of presents. Christian, a second-grader at Westchase Elementary School, was excited about his birthday on April 16. He had also recently learned that there were many kids in Jamaica and other impoverished places that don’t get to celebrate birthdays. Westchase Elementary is working with Robinson High School IB students on the Jamaica Project, which aims to support disabled and abandoned children in that Caribbean country. With this knowledge in mind, Christian decided he was going to do his share.
“There are homeless kids in Jamaica that don’t get presents so I talked with my mom and we decided to give them all to those kids,” Christian said. “I wanted the kids with disabilities to have them.” Perhaps it wasn’t quite that easy – Christian said he liked a lot of his presents and opened all of them before choosing which to give to the Jamaica Project. He ended up keeping a game and two books. “My mom told me it would be nice to give them to the kids in Jamaica,” Christian said. “I really wanted to keep the cars and the track, but I knew some kids down there would want it more.” And while Christian knows he will probably never hear from the kids in Jamaica who got his birthday presents, he knows that isn’t important.  “My presents are probably in the air right now on the way to Jamaica, but I hope that they are happy,” he said. “I wanted to keep some of the presents, but it makes me happy that the kids in Jamaica can have them. It makes me happy.”
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