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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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Feed isn’t only thing in stock at Feed Depot

CARROLLWOOD – With a name like Feed Depot, the rustic shop at Bearss and Nebraska avenues would be expected to stock chow for chickens, horses and livestock. What one might not expect is everything else the store carries.

“People think we are mostly just about feed, but they don’t realize how much we carry in the way of pet food, supplies and other related products,” says Lori Domingo, manager. “We carry seed and toys for exotic birds such as parrots and cockatiels. Apparently many stores that carried bird seed in the Tampa Bay area have closed, and people don’t know where to get the right seed for their birds. Also, we carry wild bird seed, from basic to fancy mixes, as well as sunflower seeds and large bags of raw peanuts.”

Actually, Feed Depot carries food for nearly any animal one might have as a pet, as livestock or just as a visitor from the wild. The store has hay and feed for horses, cattle feed, all-purpose feed, chicken feed and live chicks, and hog pellets and other livestock supplies, as well as a large selection of healthy food for dogs and cats.

“We are a Nutrina dealer, so we have access to all of their products for cattle and horses,” Domingo adds. “Of course we don’t carry the entire line. That would be impossible. For dogs and cats, we carry a lot of grain-free and holistic foods. We prefer to stock the more natural foods.”

Feed Depot carries premium dog and cat food brands such as Diamond, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul and Taste of The Wild as well as Blue Buffalo dog food, over-the-counter medications, flea control products, toys and accessories. Customers can purchase small packages of food or buy in bulk for greater savings.

One thing the Feed Depot name doesn’t imply is that the store features a large room of ultra-light hiking and camping supplies, including shoes, apparel, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and accessories.

“My sister, Debbie Keith, and I are avid hikers, and we found that many of our customers are hikers as well,” Domingo says. “Debbie owns Feed Depot, and about a year ago, we turned what used to be the bird room into an outdoor store. We started with equipment that has worked for us and it grew from there.”

Feed Depot has been at its Bearss and Nebraska location for at least 30 years and has now opened a second location at 19002 1st Street SW, in Lutz, right at the intersection of US 41 and Lutz Lake Fern Road. The new location carries all of the same animal products and outdoor supplies and will eventually have parakeets, cockatiels, love birds and other small animals as well.

“We work really hard to provide the customer service that people don’t find in other places,” Domingo adds.

For information, call (813) 977-4702. Feed Depot is working on a new website, but one is already available for the hiking and camping section at www.southernwildernessdepot.com.

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