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Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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Carrollwood Day School student’s art honors school

CARROLLWOOD - Anna Simon has it all figured out.  The Carrollwood Day School sophomore plans to continue getting nothing but A’s in high school, attend the University of Hawaii so she can continue to be a self-described “mermaid at heart,” then move on to a career as a marine biologist who studies art on the side. She loves the beach, but left the sand and shore for a little while to participate in Carrollwood Day’s annual Personal Project Event. All the 10th graders spend about a year creating something unique for the annual assembly. With no experience in the world of sculpting, Simon had a plan. “I wanted to do something I could leave for the school,” Simon said. “I love this school and wanted to do something that will be with the school after I am gone.”
She talked with her father and they came up with an idea. Carrollwood Day is an International Baccalaureate school and the IB program uses a globe as its symbol. The CDS mascot is the eagle, so she put it together. She and her father got some used motorcycle parts and built a globe with an eagle perched on top. It took about a year of hard work, but the statue is now displayed in the lobby of the CDS Upper School. There are plans to make it more prominently displayed at the center of the lobby. In making the statue, Simon took and used many photos of eagles to get it perfect. “I had to take photos from all angles because if this is going to be on display, I couldn’t do anything sloppy,” Simon said. “I had to build a skeleton so it would never collapse and it just all started together. My father (Paul) did a lot to help me.” Simon, who plans to intern at The Florida Aquarium this summer while she tries to obtain her scuba license, said she has always pushed herself to the extreme. The sculpture was something she’d never tried before, so why not? “My parents push me, but not in a bad way,” Simons aid. “They taught me how to manage my time. They have always been there for me. I like to push myself, also. I like to study, to do projects, to be involved. When I go to Hawaii, my parents won’t be there, so I’ll have to do it myself, but I know how to manage things and I know it will all work out.” She has earned the confidence of the CDS faculty as well as her parents, but there’s always that one extra person that needs to be satisfied. “I did so much better on the sculpture than I thought I could do,” Simon said. “I am more than satisfied.”
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