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Sunday, Apr 22, 2018
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Carrollwood artist turns others’ ideas into jewelry

CARROLLWOOD – Creating unique pieces of jewelry is both a science and an art, however, most people are only impressed by the artistic aesthetics of the finished piece. Debra Peisner, the certified jeweler behind Creative Flow, is well-versed in the technical skills of lapidary work – stone cutting and polishing – as well as sculpting, lost wax casting, image transfer and wire work. All are used when creating her unique jewelry.

“Sculpting in wax and using various methods to cast the resulting model in silver or gold is my forte,” Peisner adds

While Peisner has created numerous rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings of her own design and continues to do so, most of her work now is centered on custom orders. Many people want jewelry that is unique and one-of-a-kind, and they want to have personal input into the look of the final product. That’s fine with Peisner, who enjoys the challenge of turning her customers’ ideas into works of art.

“I don’t have a mass-production kind of workshop,” Peisner explains. “I work with one client at a time.”

Peisner works with her clients to get a clear idea of what they want and can even work from a photograph, although she may have to make subtle changes.

“Someone may bring me a photograph of a piece they want made, and I can create it from the photograph through a method called image transfer, using wax, sterling silver or gold sheets,” Peisner says. “As long as I make a 15 percent change, maybe add a stone or take away a stone, the results avoid any copyright infringement.”

Peisner’s clients seek out her services for a number of reasons. They may have a piece of jewelry that is in a style that is no longer fashionable, and she can recast the precious metal and stones into a work that is more in line with contemporary styles. They may be looking for a set of wedding rings that is unlike any other couple’s rings. Peisner does jewelry repair as well, or if someone has lost one of a favorite pair of earrings, she can use the remaining earring to create a matching replacement.

“Clients often bring me a stone they picked up while traveling,” Pesiner said. “I help them decide on a shape they want for the stone, then cut, shape and polish the stone and present it in a setting that is wearable art, and preserves the memory of that journey. I work with a variety of stones, including agate, apatite, calcite, druze, fluorite, quartz, jade, coral, corundum and all types of opal, as well as emeralds, diamonds and other precious stones.”

Peisner says she has been perfecting the craft of making jewelry for 13 years, and has been at her current shop at 12610 Henderson Road, in Tampa, for two years. The shop is open by appointment only, although her current jewelry creations are available through her online site. Call (813) 727-1848 for more information.

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