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Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
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Baby boomers step back in time at Sherry’s YesterDaze

TAMPA — Customers flock to Sherry’s YesterDaze to relive their childhoods.

Describing the store is tough. There’s clothing everywhere, plus books, kitschy items that were cool back in the 1960s, and records from the pre-CDs days. It’s not as much of an antique store as it is a place for baby boomers who want to relive their youth, and a place where customers younger than 30 come in to check out a time before they were born.

Owner Sherry King somehow keeps the place in order. She admits she’s an obsessive-compulsive person who makes sure that everything is in perfect order, even though there are thousands of items in her shop. She knows where everything is, from Nehru jackets to bell-bottom jeans.

The stuff is almost all “real” vintage. She uses very few remakes, so if someone wants to host a 1960s party, he or she can get the real thing. It’s like walking into a place where the Brady Bunch must have shopped.

“We are all ’60s, ’70s and ’80s,” said King, who lives in a vintage 1927 home designed exactly like a home would look from that year.

“We only put out the best. It helps to be OCD. I am a control freak and love being in charge and it shows around here.”

King has owned her store for 15 years, the past 10 on North Florida Avenue near Hillsborough Avenue.

She doesn’t go to antique or collector shows; she just finds the items. Often, she makes purchases from estates or from elderly people looking to get rid of some old items. King makes house calls and is willing to buy or trade anything as long as it is valuable.

That ranges from the clothing to vintage jewelry to almost anything else.

“We are saturated with things, so we don’t buy full lots. I am a cherry picker,” King said.

So who buys these things? Sometimes it’s young people who are having theme parties. Others just want to relive the past. Want a 1920s flapper party? She has ’20s outfits for women and zoot suits for men, including the hats that men wore at the time. The younger people who want to relive the ’70s can look like their favorite hair band. People from the psychedelic ’60s can go back to Woodstock.

King sells most of her clothing but is willing to rent some items out for parties. The store has vintage costume jewelry and hair styling kits that can put a beehive on almost any woman.

There are typewriters for people who remember the days when pounding every key took effort, you had to move the carriage back to the start of the next line when the bell went off and, since there was no spell-check, all typos had to be erased. There’s even some carbon paper.

“We aren’t a junk store,” King said. “People want those old days. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.”

Sherry’s YesterDaze is at 5207 N. Florida Ave. Call her at (813) 231-2020.

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