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Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Cadillac XTS lands right on CUE

If you’re a passionate iPadder and love the swish, swipe, tap and pinch of that little glass screen, you’re going to love the new, full-size 2013 Cadillac XTS. You see, one of the surprise and delight features of this new XTS is its bold, tech-rich CUE system - that’s short for Cadillac User Experience. Essentially, CUE consists of a big, 8-inch touch screen on the center console to control everything from audio to climate, nav to vehicle settings. One of its many terrific features is the iPhone and iPad action of being able to expand the screen with thumb and first finger. It’s perfect for my deteriorating eyesight when looking at maps. For me, as an iPhone/iPad junkie, it all works great. But how are local Cadillac buyers reacting to it? I swung by Ed Morse Cadillac on East Fletcher Avenue in Tampa and put the question to Teddy Morse.
“Like any advanced technology, the CUE system may seem scary at first, but it is intuitive and easy to pick up. Once they use it, our XTS buyers love it. It’s very similar to an iPhone, and just plain cool,” he explains. But there’s so much more to the new XTS than a cool screen. This is a big car — roughly the same length as a BMW 7-Series — with cavernous interior space. Power comes from a 3.6-liter direct-injection V-6 that has the smoothness of liquid Teflon. On the road it delivers a truly sophisticated driving experience, with strong, refined performance coupled with surprisingly precise, confident and agile handling. Perhaps the real appeal of the XTS however is the way it looks. See it on the street and its razor-edged styling is drop-dead gorgeous. Prices start at around $45,000, though Teddy Morse tells me the loaded $49,610 luxury version is selling best in the Tampa Bay area right now. Cadillac has been missing a flagship model for a while. You could say this new XTS arrives right on CUE.
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