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Saturday, May 26, 2018
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Bucs Q&A: What are the Glazers so patient with Schiano?

Q: Can you help me understand (outside the contract) what seems like patience from ownership for coach Greg Schiano and his staff’s errors this year?

This is a team that should be sitting at 3-1 despite their comedy of errors. Each of those three games that turned into losses I’d attribute heavy responsibility to the coaching staff, i.e., a lack of discipline in the New York Jets game (Don’t they call a timeout and remind these players what to be cautious of?), a very poor decision to kick a 50-yard field goal with an unreliable kicker against New Orleans, then call to pass to the middle of the field on a risky route to Patrick Peterson last week (wouldn’t a 6-yard hook have worked better)?

I read about Andy Reid’s ability to call to Alex Smith’s strengths. This Bucs team looks too good on paper to be winless.

Your thoughts?

— Matt Berry, Toronto

A: The Glazer family, which owns the Buccaneers, has always been patient with head coaches. Remember, even Raheem Morris got three years. That’s not to say Schiano will last that long, but after making the quarterback change he said needed to be made, the Glazers owe it to him to see whether he can right the ship with a QB he believes in.

— Roy Cummings

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