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Friday, May 25, 2018
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Contribute to food drive, receive free consult and exam

TAMPA — Through Nov. 22, doctors Nicholas Schar and Duyen Ngo of Upper Cervical Health Centers of America, 9280 Bay Plaza Blvd., Suite 725, Tampa, are hosting a Thanksgiving food drive with a twist.

In exchange for one full shopping bag of nonperishable groceries for E.C.H.O., Brandon’s Emergency Care Help Organization, the doctors will give the donor a gift certificate for a free consultation and exam (but not x-rays), good through Dec. 28. This offer represents approximately a $55 value.

Current patients who donate will receive half off an office visit, a $45-$65 value, in addition to a new-patient gift certificate for a family member or friend.

Schar and Ngo are doctors of chiropractic who specialize in upper cervical care, which focuses on only the top two bones in the spine. Every nerve in the body passes through them, and if the topmost bone, the atlas vertebra, is out of position, it can cause problems throughout the body.

The doctors have received post-graduate training in orthogonal chiropractic care, in which upper cervical spinal correction is made noninvasively, nonsurgically and without the forceful twisting or cracking usually associated with chiropractic treatment.

“We take three-dimensional x-rays, so when we study them we can know exactly where that atlas is misaligned,” said Ngo. “We use a sound-wave instrument to move the vertebra back into place. Typically after the first correction, patients start feeling changes in their body.

“A lot of patients that come in here love the fact that we’re not doing the cracking, twisting and popping,” said Ngo. “With the sound-wave instrument, they don’t feel the adjustment, but they’re getting better.”

For specific details about the food exchange for free consultation and exam, call (813) 644-7190, email [email protected] brandon.com or go online to www.uppercervical brandon.com/.

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