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Monday, Jul 16, 2018
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What Florida's massive, post-Irma power outage looked like from space

Stunning images from NOAA and NASA satellites show what Florida's lights looked like from space before and after Hurricane Irma left millions in the state without power. The darkness is perhaps most stark in the Florida Keys, normally a bright line off the state's tip, which appears completely dark on in the after-Irma image.

Here's the full image from the Suomi NPP satellite's VIIRS instrument, courtesy of NOAA. On the left is Florida on May 11, 2017 at around 3 a.m. The right is Sept. 11, 2017 at the same time.

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NASA created this image using data reported by the Orlando Sentinel to illustrate power outages across the state in a different way.

Many of us in Florida were watching the hour-by-hour tracks of of Hurricane Irma's movement as the storm approached, but if you haven't taken a moment to go back and see the storm's entire path on radar, NASA's SPORT project posted this, showing Hurricane Irma from formation off the coast of Africa to dissipation over the southern U.S.


NASA's SPORT also created this graphic that shows relative soil moisture in Florida as Irma arrived.


For comparison, here's their similar graphic of Hurricane Harvey arriving in Texas.

If you want to know more about these moisture graphics, SPORT published a full report and analysis here.


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