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Sunday, Jun 24, 2018
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Megalodon: A Huge Shark Exhibit at Jacksonville's MOSH

Megalodon: Largest Shark That Ever Lived is on exhibit now through Sept. 14 at the Museum of Science & History, Jacksonville and I’m excited to check it out soon. 

Megalodon measured in at 60 feet long and his giant mouth contained 76 teeth. The exhibit allows visitors to learn about this gigantic creature through interactive means.

Enter the exhibit through a full-sized sculpture of Megalodon to learn about the shark’s history and his surroundings, including its size, structure, diet, lifespan, relatives, neighbors, evolution and extinction.

The exhibit also features fossil and modern shark specimens, designed to teach about improving the health of the ocean and this threatened species.

And for those wondering why we need sharks, the Megalodon exhibition asks visitors to consider the domino effect on the marine food web caused by overfishing.

And if you’re concerned about Megalodon having siblings, don’t worry – this prehistoric shark ruled the seas more than two million years ago.

Here’s a look at this new exhibit: 

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