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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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RoboCop turns 30: Come quietly or there will be ... trouble

Were you a fan of RoboCop and Blade Runner? Did you know how the movies are actually connected? 

Turns out that co-writer Edward Neumeier was helping out on the set of 1982’s Blade Runner when inspiration hit. In Blade Runner, cops are hunting down robots that look like humans. What if cops looked like robots as they hunted down humans? Bingo. 

Released on July 17, 1987, RoboCop tells the dark tale of a Detroit police officer who is gunned down in the line of duty but is revived in robot form. The story - set in the near future - is sprinkled with themes of corruption, privatization, greed, you name it. 

Fans adored it, giving way to a franchise that included two sequels, a TV series, mini-series, video games and a 2014 remake. RoboCop even won an Oscar for sound effects editing (while earning two more nominations for best sound and best film editing). Critic Roger Ebert called it "a thriller with a difference."

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about RoboCop on its 30th anniversary.

1. Production of RoboCop was over budget and behind schedule, so producers grudgingly decided not to shoot the scene where Officer Murphy is murdered. Only upon their return to L.A., where studio execs were informed of the decision, was the money granted to shoot it (and it was filmed in an L.A. warehouse).

2. Despite being set in Detroit, the film was shot in Dallas.

3. The organic food paste that RoboCop consumes was hardly organic. It was made from parsnip, tomato purée and crushed butterfinger bars.

4. When in full RoboCop attire, Peter Weller could not fit properly into the police car, hence most shots show him either getting in or out of the car. However, when he was needed to drive the car, Weller wore the top part of the costume but sat in his underwear.

5. BTW, that costume? It was so hot and heavy that Weller lost 3 pounds a day wearing it.

Source: IMDB.com

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