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Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Big and bold: Chevy’s 2014 Impala

I hope you’ll join me in nominating Chevy’s terrific 2014 Impala as the new official automobile of the Sunshine State. How come? For starters, it’s big. As in super-size big. Nose to tail it measures a whopping 200 inches. Any bigger and it’d need a little pickup truck with red flags driving in front of it. But “big” means stretch-out space for five generously-proportioned folks inside, plus a trunk cavernous enough to double as a PODS storage unit. And as a car for a road trip, there’s nothing finer. With its acoustically laminated windshield, layers of sound deadener, and so-called “quiet” carpet, 75 mph on Interstate 75 feels like driving with you head under a pillow.
It’s also a fact that we Floridians like a deal when it comes to our automobiles. So with prices kicking off at $27,535 for a very stylish, technically advanced, full-size sedan powered by a state-of-the-art 305-horsepower 3.6-liter V-6, it’s a deal and a half. Speaking of “stylish,” I predict this new Impala ? which hits showrooms right around now ? is going to spin heads faster than a gator at a petting zoo. Chevy designers have done a fine job in giving this new Impala a bold face, a sleek, sexy roofline and strong stance. Yet it’s probably inside where you’ll be most impressed. Rear seat space is just sensational, while those big, armchair front seats would look great in anyone’s living room. But what separates this Impala from Impalas of old, is quality. Gone are the cheap mouse-fur fabrics and cheesy plastics. Now everything is soft to the touch and easy on the eye. Yes, on the road it’s a bit of a boulevardier that focuses more on comforting and cosseting those inside rather than providing razor-sharp responses to the throttle and helm. But it’s still a delightful, easy drive. Planning a spring road trip? This new Impala has your name on it.
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