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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Tiny works of art take the big stage

Break out the magnifying glass, the Miniature Art Society of Florida's International Competition and Exhibition is coming to the Dunedin Fine Art Center.

The exhibit will include some 900 pint-sized pieces created by more than 200 artists from across the country, England and Canada.

None of the works are larger than 25 square inches and are 1⁄6 the size of real life, the criteria to be considered miniature art.

“It's really astounding,” said Ken Hannon, executive director of the Dunedin Fine Art Center. “Some of the artists' use a one-hair brush to create pieces that are as detailed and realistic as full-size paintings. It's really an incredible collection.”

The exhibit will include pieces varying from landscapes, animals, portraits, still life, water colors, oil paintings and sculptures. The works in the miniature art exhibit will be for sale. The exhibit also will include about 100 pieces from the MASF permanent collection. They will not be for sale.

The Fine Art Center will provide plenty of magnifying glasses so visitors don't have to squint to see the diminutive details.

In addition to the exhibit, several artists will be on hand to demonstrate and discuss their techniques in creating miniature works measuring only inches in size.

The Miniature Art Society will judge pieces before the exhibit, so visitors will see the winning entries in each category.

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