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Friday, Jun 22, 2018
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Keb’ Mo’ explores marriage, politics ahead of Clearwater show

Keb’ Mo’ didn’t need a guidance counselor while coming of age in Los Angeles during the turbulent ’60s. The blues-loving vocalist-guitarist knew he would be a musician, and it’s been a perfect fit.

The laid-back tunesmith, also known as Kevin Moore, never has a timetable when it comes to his work. “Things get done when they get done,” Moore said during a phone call from Nashville. That’s just the way it is.”

Five years passed between albums for Moore during the initial decade of the century. “Time goes by so fast,” Moore said. “I’m aware of that. But I can’t live by deadlines. I make a record when I’m inspired. I don’t fit albums into my schedule. I’m not a jingle writer. Something has to hit me to get going.”

Moore, 62, has been moved. He will preview fresh material when he performs Thursday at the Capitol Theatre.

“I’m excited about the new stuff that I’ve recorded,” Moore said. “I’m mixing the new songs now. The album will be out soon.”

Expect the new release, which has yet to be titled, to drop during the spring. “I’m really excited about this album since I’ve been inspired by my hobby, which is life,” Moore said. “I draw from my experiences, and I think people can relate to the new material, since most deal with the same issues I do.”

Marriage, politics and economics are some of the subjects Moore explores on his next project.

“I think people can connect with what I’m singing about,” Moore said. “It’s nothing foreign or abstract. I’m a married father, and I love this life. I love being a musician. I love having a child and a wife. It’s really great to have the freedom I have as an artist. It’s a great situation to be in.”

Moore has evolved considerably during his impressive career. He has veered from country blues to R&B to straight-ahead blues.

“I don’t see the need to repeat myself every time out as a recording artists or a live performer,” Moore said. “I know I’m looked at as a blues guy but I think I’ve mixed some things up. It’s been a healthy career for me The great thing is that I believe that I’m still evolving. I have a lot to draw from and I still have a lot to offer. I get to do what I want since I’ve been careful to live a modest life. I really don’t need much thanks to this lifestyle. Just give me a guitar and watch me go.”

Moore isn’t a flashy player. He does what he needs to get the job done. “That’s all it is,” Moore said. “I’m not overdoing it out there to put on a show. That’s not my personality. What I do is very groove conscious. I put everything I know about the guitar in everything I do. I try just go out and write the best songs and push it when I play live.”

Moore is pleased that he relocated from Southern California to Nashville. “It’s great to be in one of the best music towns,” Moore said. “The county music scene is so strong in Nashville but it’s more than country. There are some great players in Nashville. There is also that great musical tradition that you don’t have in Los Angeles. It’s an amazing place, and it inspires. It’s a part of my life and, like I said, life inspires me.”

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