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Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018
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Dirty Bourbon River Show bringing ‘circus rock’ to Skipper’s

TAMPA – It’s hard to label The Dirty Bourbon River Show.

The five-member group, out of New Orleans, is sometimes called “a gypsy circus rock” band.

But they also blend Americana, folk, R&B and a touch of jazz with the flair of a New Orleans brass band.

“We try not to get pinned into any one genre,” says vocalist Charles “Big Charlie” Skinner, the group’s anointed “ringleader.”

He says he’s like a ringmaster because Dirty Bourbon River is more than a band, it’s a show, and he interacts with audience. He plays accordion and trumpet, too.

One of the more popular groups at the annual Tropical Heatwave in Ybor City this past May, the Dirty Bourbon River Show is making a return visit to Tampa with a performance at Skipper’s Smokehouse tonight. They are scheduled for Studio B in Lakeland on Saturday.

“We just play the kind of music that we like,” Skinner said in a telephone interview. “We mix it up, a little folk, a little jazz, blues, gypsy, circus, rock — as long as we’re having fun, the audience has fun.”

The band’s roots go back to 2008 when Loyola University students Noah Adams (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist) and drummer Dane “Bootsy” Schindler formed a duo. Adams wrote much of the original material on the first album.

The band expanded to five members by 2009 when it debuted at the legendary Tipitina’s. The first album was released that year.

The group includes Adams, Schindler, Skinner, Jimmy Williams on bass, and New Orleans native Matt Thomas on saxophone, clarinet and vocals.

Much of their eclectic repertoire is original, with a heavy dose of humor in songs such as “Mama, I’ve Been Abducted by Creatures of Unholy Sound,” “Ode to Sophia Loren” and “Jewish Girls Who Went to Art School Know All the Angles.”

One of their more popular songs from their “Volume 3” (the fifth album) is “Wolfman,” a haunting tribute to werewolves.

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