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Tuesday, Apr 24, 2018
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10 ridiculously drunk-tastic Kesha lyrics before her Tampa show

If you've heard her music, you know that Kesha, or at least the on-record persona that is Kesha, enjoys a cocktail and a party now and again. So in honor of the pop star's co-headlining Tampa concert with Pitbull at the MidFlorida Amphitheater on Friday, here are 10 of her most outrageous lyrics, and some brief thoughts on what they mean.
Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack. - "Tick Tock"
It's either a waste of whiskey, or a great way to numb the pain of cavities caused by a steady diet of glitter and candy.
Hey, hey, so your love, your love, your love, your love is my drug. I like your beard. - "Your Love is My Drug"
Apparently, when Kesha gets high on "love," she makes the most random facial hair compliment ever captured in song.
Now we lookin' like pimps in my gold Trans-Am. Got a water bottle full of whiskey in my handbag. Got my drunk text on, I'll regret it in the mornin'. But tonight, I don't give a, I don't give a, I don't give a. - "Take it Off"
Hopefully, that Trans-Am has a designated driver behind the wheel.
I'm just talkin' true. I'm tellin' you 'bout the s--- we do. We're selling our clothes, sleepin' in cars. Dressin' it down, hittin' on dudes, hard. - "We R Who We R"
There's nothing like being hit on by a girl who sold her pants to buy whiskey, and slept on the floor of a Trans-Am.
"D-I-N-O-S-A, you are a dinosaur an O-L-D man, you're just an old man. Hitting on me, what? You need a cat scan." - "Dinosaur"
So she can spell, but can she recite the alphabet backwards during a field sobriety test?
Me and all my friends, we don't buy bottles we bring 'em. We take the drinks from the tables when you get up and leave 'em. - from "Sleazy"
Eww, I spit my gum out in that drink.
Wake up in the front yard. We don't care. Wine stain on the sofa. We don't care. I threw up in the closet but I don't care. - "Party at a Rich Dude's House"
Kesha has said in interviews that she once got sick in her former friend Paris Hilton's closet. It's not a joke, that really happened.
Cause we're young and we're broke, and I can't find my coat, and the sun is coming up, and oh my god I think I'm still drunk. Where's my coat? Where? -- "Party at a Rich Dude's House."
I bet Paris Hilton took that coat to make up for the one Kesha ruined.
"Every night we're down to go out. Waking up on a different couch 'Til the next night on the next flight. Yeah, I guess we're doin' alright." - "Crazy Beautiful Life"
Yeah, I guess you are.
Write our names on the wall in the back of the bar. Steal some bubblegum from the corner meximart. Yeah, we laughing like kids causing trouble in the dark, Causing trouble in the dark, tr-tr-trouble in the dark. Feeling like a sabertooth tiger, sipping on a warm Budweiser. - "C'mon"
Maybe someone should write her name in the back of the bar, along with "don't serve this woman."
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