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Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
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Put partisanship aside and fix the debt

I was pleased to read your coverage of Sen. Bill Nelson’s recent speech in which he encouraged municipal leaders to push our federal lawmakers to practice more bipartisanship on the issue of the budget (“Sen. Nelson laments partisanship in DC,” Aug. 16).

“Excessive extremist ideological rigidity is getting in the way of what the American people expect and deserve,” Nelson said. “They want us to get together and build consensus and do it in a bipartisan way.”

This is precisely the message of the Campaign to Fix the Debt (www.fixthedebt.org), a bipartisan effort to urge Congress and the president to reach agreement on a comprehensive debt deal that includes spending cuts targeted at low-priority or wasteful programs, entitlement reforms that make Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security sustainable and solvent for generations to come, and pro-growth tax reform that generates additional revenue, some of which can be used to begin paying down our runaway national debt.

As an active member of the campaign’s Florida State Steering Committee, I would urge those who agree with these common-sense solutions to join the more than 21,000 Floridians who have signed the Citizens’ Petition to Fix the Debt.

There is no better way to send a message to Congress and the president that the time is now to put partisanship aside and do what’s right for future generations of Americans.

Jim Davis


The writer represented the 11th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1997-2007.

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