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Friday, Apr 20, 2018
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Video shows Schnitt attorney refusing to take DUI tests

TAMPA - Dash-cam video released today of the DUI arrest of shock-jock Todd "MJ" Schnitt's attorney shows him refusing to take field sobriety tests, then asking repeatedly to be allowed to change his mind after being placed in handcuffs.
The video, taken from a camera in a police cruiser, was released by Tampa police after media requests.
Charles Phillip Campbell Jr., 64, was arrested at 10:08 p.m. Jan. 23 at Cass and Tampa streets, not far from the downtown Tampa courthouse where Schnitt's defamation case against radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge Clem was taking place.
An officer saw Campbell's gray, four-door Nissan violating the right of way of another vehicle, according to an arrest report. The officer stopped the car and observed Campbell with red and glassy eyes and the "distinct odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his breath," the report said.
In the video, Campbell tells the officer that he is taking medication that would affect his walking. The officer tells him there are only two tests he can do, and he would have to explain Campbell's Miranda rights to him before administering part of them.
Campbell then declines to take the tests. The officer explains that based on Campbell's driving and the alcohol on his breath that he is going to arrest him.
“Oh, my lord,” Campbell exclaims, “Let's do the tests.”
“Too late now,” the officer replies, then puts Campbell in handcuffs.
After the arrest, Campbell tells the officer he's a lawyer in the middle of a big trial – he doesn't say which one it is – and asks again to take the tests. Again, the officer tells him that he cannot reverse the decision to arrest him.
Campbell, 64, 3304 Palmira Ave., was released from the jail the following morning after posting bond of $500, according to the Hillsborough County Jail website.
This was the second time Campbell has been charged with DUI in Tampa. He was arrested July 14, 2008, at Azeele Street and Renellie Drive, according to the jail website. According to the website, he recorded a blood-alcohol count of 0.153 and 0.156, nearly twice the legal limit for drivers in Florida. He was jailed and released on $500 bond.
Schnitt sued Clem, accusing the rival of making defamatory remarks about Schnitt and his wife, Michelle. The jury found for Clem, but after Schnitt made plans for an appeal, the two sides reached an agreement.
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