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Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018
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Letters to the editor: Scared government

Scared government Regarding “Deport illegals” (Other Views, March 19): The writer touches on some sensitive issues, but, sadly, he is right. I have people from South America and Cuba who work for me and have no intention of learning our language; we have to get people who can translate in Spanish and Portuguese and explain what we have to do each day on our jobs. The sad part is that some of them have lived here 15 years or more. All of them earn a good paycheck because they are hard workers, but the language barrier is a problem. We do not employ illegals, but if there was a clear-out like the writer suggested, our industry (construction) would be devastated.
Along with the writer, I too do not like the fact that they have come here to live a better life but want to change our country to be like the one they have just escaped. Unfortunately, our government is too scared to do anything about it for the fear of losing the Hispanic vote. Bus stops Hillsborough Area Rapid Transit contractors recently erected an imposing bus stop kiosk for the upcoming Metro Rapid which abuts the distinctive sign at Joe Chillura Courthouse Square in the 600 block of East Kennedy Boulevard in downtown Tampa. The imposing structure is a serious distraction from the park signage and also partly blocks the sidewalk. It would have been much simpler to have located it 10 or 15 feet to the west, a no-brainer for this writer little trained in the art of proper bus stop placement. HART is not a government agency and does not have carte blanche permission to erect such monstrosities on city sidewalks without a permit. A similar situation exists on Whiting and Franklin streets in front of USAmeriBank offices, a few minutes’ walk from the park, where the same type kiosk totally blocks the sidewalk. Obviously, the placement of these was not up to our top leaders, who should be trained in architectural and artistic sensitivity with safety and courtesy in mind, but rather staff workers who were simply told to “go out there and put these things up.” We spend millions of dollars to impress convention visitors from all over the world, but we can’t spend a few dollars and a little time impressing ourselves with some sound aesthetic and rational decisions concerning the placement of things as simple as bus stops. It appears that advertising will ultimately be sold on these kiosks, the proceeds of which I seriously doubt taxpayers will see a penny of. I am proposing that a volunteer citizens committee consisting of trained persons sensitive to our city’s needs for aesthetic and safety consistency meet for lunch every other Saturday and then visit proposed sites for putting up bus stops, signs, buildings, hidden cameras and whatever, and report their thoughts to competent authorities. I will pay for their gas. That may not be the complete answer here, but the longest journey begins with a single step — and a bus stop put in the right place.
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