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Saturday, Apr 21, 2018
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Letters To The Editor

Letters to the editor:

Lackeys for big insurance Malfeasance continues to run amok in Tallahassee when it comes to property insurance. In the past 10 years, this state’s property insurance rates have gone up 800 percent. Property insurance rates in Florida are now three times the national average. Incredibly, the governor and many of our “representatives” in the state capital think the problem is that insurance rates are actually too low, and that is why there is so little competition in the insurance market. Sky-high insurance rates have impoverished the hurricane-lashed property owners of Florida — proof beyond a reasonable doubt that our state legislators are complete lackeys for big insurance. How do these people get elected? Politics versus military The tragic death of seven Marines during a training exercise was politicized by the Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid. He immediately jumped on the President Obama bandwagon and assigned the blame for this tragedy to the automatic budget cuts.
How low does Reid have to go to advance his political agenda? Isn’t it tragic enough that seven brave men, U.S. Marines, in their desire to serve America, have to be used as a political fawn to perpetuate a political agenda? How can the good people of Nevada support this man? Does Reid have any expertise on the use of 60 mm mortars? Does he have a background in military equipment and understand the complexities of war? The line has to be drawn somewhere when it comes to politics versus the military. If America wants to protect our brave men and women in the military, we have to remove these demigods who will use our military as a political tool. And to my friends in Nevada, isn’t it time to put someone in office who will not use our military simply to advance their political careers? Betrayal of values Publix is making excuses and failing to live up to the corporate and community values its customers have long believed are the basis of its corporate culture. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers asks Publix to accept a penny-a-pound price premium on tomatoes. Publix would continue to pay only its suppliers, who then pass the premium on to their workers. Publix would not be interfering or dictating terms between suppliers and their employees; it would be supporting an agreement already in place to help provide a living wage for workers who are fundamental to our economy and food supply. Publix’s argument that this is someone else’s labor issue disappears in the light of day, and they fall back on a desire to deal only with long-standing suppliers. These suppliers are, sadly, the 10 percent of growers who do not participate in this life- changing Fair Food Program. Publix’s betrayal of its values and those of its customers is clear. I have changed my produce supplier as I no longer buy produce at Publix — and perhaps little else very soon. Get a grip When the Anti-Defamation League was established in 1913 in response to the railroading of an American Jew in Georgia for a crime he did not commit, the organization served a salutary purpose, but it has since become a mere instrumentality of the Democratic Party. Thus, the organization has, to a large extent, remained silent in the face of the Obama administration’s overt contempt for American Jews who do not happen to be campaign donors and its equally obvious contempt for Israel. The most recent contribution to the public debate by the Anti-Defamation League prior to its advice to President Obama on how to snooker Israel (“What Obama needs to tell the people of Israel,” Other Views, March 20) was a paranoid screed about how a Florida ballot proposition last November that was designed to combat the anti-religion excesses of the ACLU and its fellow litigation thugs would have had the negative effect of precluding the implementation of Shariah principles in Florida. An organization so aligned with CAIR is hardly in a position to dispense political advice to an anti-Israel president who apparently believes that Benjamin Netanyahu is as pliable as the American media and as naïve as the American electorate. Perhaps the “Kumbaya” fantasy of persuading Israel that those seeking its extermination have a valid point will resonate well as Israeli civilians dodge American-funded terrorist rockets launched by Hamas. The Anti-Defamation League would do well to get a grip on reality. Detroit’s plight The prognosis for the city of Detroit is sad. Statistics say the city of 700,000 is 50 percent unemployed and 50 percent functionally illiterate. Little taxes are being paid, so essential services are limited or nonexistent. Abandoned homes decay the landscape, and soon it will resemble a third-world country. I remember better times, as I was raised in a suburb of the once-great city. Crime ran out the taxpayers, leaving the dregs of society to live an unforgiving lifestyle of debauchery and ruin. It will be interesting to see how this human crisis is handled, but an old saying comes to mind: “God helps those who help themselves”
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