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Monday, May 02, 2016

Christopher Spata


Defiant Beyoncé thrills fans at Raymond James Stadium

- Less than a week after dropping a surprise album, Queen Bey’s subjects were already chanting along as the extravagant “Formation” tour came to Tampa.

Sprinkles cupcake shop opens to waiting customers at Hyde Park Village

- About a dozen people were lined up on the sidewalk waiting when Sprinkles opened for business this morning at Hyde Park Village. Missing, though, was the cupcake ATM, which should arrive in about a month.

The Bucs seem very proud of their shoutout on Beyonce's 'Lemonade'


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have certainly been in the orbit of music superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce recently, between the rapper

Ahead of Tampa appearance, Takei explains why he saved a seat for Trump

- Years after "Star Trek," there’s a lot to be learned about George Takei’s life from his recent run in Broadway’s “Allegiance.” Not only from the musical itself, but from the celebrity guests he...

There's a trendy restaurant called Tampa Sandwich Bar ... in Korea


A little bit of Tampa culture has made it to the other side of the globe in the form of our city’s

Tale of the cape: How Batman and Superman match up beyond the movie

- In the battle to win comic book fans’ hearts and wallets, the tide, at least these days, seems to have turned decidedly in favor of the Dark Knight.

Cirque du Soleil meets ‘Avatar’ in ‘Toruk’ at Amalie


If you’ve been waiting since 2009’s “Avatar” to experience the luminous, lush and tantalizingly alien moon of Pandora again, Cirque du Soleil has you covered this weekend in Tampa.

Cirque du Soleil gives 'Avatar' fans a new story in 'Toruk: The First Flight'

- Nearly seven years ago, a novel thing happened, at least in the modern cinematic era. A wholly original story, not a retread, remake, reboot, sequel or comic book adaptation, came mostly out of nowhere to become not only a ...