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Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Steve Otto

Tribune staff
Otto, Steve

Mr. Steve and his big flying coffin


It takes a lot to grab the attention of the 15 or so seniors — mostly Plant High grads from the ’50s — who get together once a month at the Village Inn to swap stories over eggs and pancakes.

Tampa has a history of big dreams


Gesturing and floating around the room, Ron Weaver was sort of a cross between Perry Mason and Peter Pan as he worked the crowd.

Confusing bathroom signs leave a lasting impression


It was never so much a fear of public restrooms as it was my nervousness about going into the right one.

The Rockers get a taste of Cuba


“I tried to imagine what it would be like; read up on everything that was happening,” Dennis Pupello said. “But nothing really prepared me or the rest of us for what we found.”

Salute to the Colonnade, with an olive


Rumors that this time it was real, that this time the Colonnade was going to be sold to developers, had been rampant for a few weeks.

Scott’s idea takes us from the halls of kudzu to the bay of Lady Liberty


Gov. Rick Scott has been called many things. So far, “Education Governor” is not one of them.

Iron Grannies reach halfway mark in trek across America


Earlier this week in a field of Texas bluebonnets and on their 54th day on the road, the Iron Grannies hit the halfway mark in their walk across America You might have thought the five seniors would have headed back to t...