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Thursday, Feb 11, 2016

Steve Otto

Tribune staff
Otto, Steve

Just building more lanes with TBX plan is a road to nowhere


I can only imagine that if you’ve spent any time in the past month or so in the quagmire that is Interstate 275 somewhere between the Howard Frankland Bridge and “malfunction junction,” sitting there...

Super Bowl a harbinger of a changed nation


Twenty-five years isn’t such a long time, in the measure of things. On the other hand, it can seem like a lifetime.

Otto: This idea of Groundhog Day has been bugging me


Another Groundhog Day and most of us are more interested in what kind of wacky food they’ll have at Thursday’s opening of the Florida State Fair than what some oversized rodent has to say.

Iron Grannies to lace up, hit the road


Maxine got that look in her eye again. She had been listening to the guest speaker talk about how he had run across the United States and one thought led to another.

Stewart Bryan, once a bow-tied copy boy, was one of the good guys


I wasn’t too sure about the copy boy over in the business section.

Schools are showing warning signs


We’re not Detroit. At least for the most part, rats and bullet holes in the walls aren’t prevalent on our public school grounds. Teachers so far haven’t stormed out of classrooms, briefly shutting do...

Are you new to Florida? Pass this little test or we won’t let you in

- Two legislators are sponsoring measures that would give the state power to keep people it deems a risk out of Florida. Columnist Steve Otto suggests they start with folks who add sugar to grits or wonder what the right lane...

$1 billion in dreams, for only a $2 Powerball ticket


It was dark when the meeting ended Saturday night. I walked out to the car and turned on the cellphone before heading home to see if there were any messages.

Human trafficking is area’s ugly little secret


Human trafficking. What a term!

Start 2016 by getting back in touch with people


The full moon that graced us on Christmas night has long since begun to wane.

It’s the day after Christmas, dash away all


At first I thought the sound might be hooves dancing lightly on the roof. But it grew louder and now, half-awake, I realized it might be the garbage truck coming down the street to pick up the trash I’d neglected ...

Surviving an in-your-face holiday experience at the mall


I’d been waiting for weeks for the Christmas spirit to move me into getting the shopping done.

Fred’s march honors Americans who braved the Battle of the Bulge


The more than 800 people packed into the River Ridge High School auditorium in New Port Richey watched as the small man slowly rose from his seat on the stage where he had been sitting with the rest of the band.