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Sunday, Nov 29, 2015

Steve Otto

Tribune staff
Otto, Steve

Revisiting shadows of the Cold War


“There goes MacDill!”

Take a cue from Honest Abe and offer up a prayer of thanks


We like to think of Thanksgiving as a particularly American holiday, a day set aside for turkey, family, pumpkin pie and football.

Some day, the City of Light will return to its former glory


Staring at the tube in our family room, as we did much of the weekend, my wife said, “I’m glad we went to Paris when we did. I wonder if we’ll ever go back.’’

Medicine today is hard to swallow


It’s not that I’m a bad patient. My doctor likes to say I’m a “recalcitrant” one.

School board should exhaust all options before audit


The Hillsborough County School Board, which not too long ago surprised nobody by admitting it had no idea where the money went, wants to have an audit.

JEB! under siege as he tries to seize our imaginations


At least when JEB! wound up his appearance Monday in Tampa he challenged the crowd to “seize the future” instead of sieging it.

Maas Brothers — the real big box

- There was a time when every town had at least one place where everyone went to shop, columnist Steve Otto writes. They were the great department stores, retail giants where you could walk inside and buy pretty much anything...

Doomsday Vault list a la Florida


Florida doesn’t have a Doomsday Vault, and time is running out.

College campuses no place for guns


I love Saturday mornings in October. Get up a little later; have an extra cup of coffee while reading Mother Trib; check the police blotter to see if my favorite schools have enough players to field a team ...

Transportation plan is going, going, gone


Like the floodwaters that lap gently against your headlights as you try to make it down Henderson Boulevard after an afternoon rain, some things never change.