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Thursday, Sep 03, 2015

Steve Otto

Tribune staff
Otto, Steve

A Katrina could happen here


Our train, “The City of New Orleans,” pulled into the Big Easy on Thursday at roughly the same time President Obama flew in on Air Force One.

John Germany was Tampa’s finest


I had a sinking feeling when we left town for a trip around the country that I wouldn’t see John Germany again. Just before leaving he had invited me over to listen to an interview he was giving to two Jewish war ...

Crossing the country on a rail and a prayer


You learn most of what you need to know about how much Amtrak loves Tampa when the train you take out of town is a bus.

Local hero John Germany was witness to a nightmare


John Germany was sitting in the study of his Bayshore home. Directly behind him on the wall, just above his head, was a letter from Winston Churchill thanking him for that box of Tampa cigars he hand delivered years ago....

Finding the lesser known Nautilus


I’m betting few of you know this story of the Nautilus.

Rob Rowen: Tampa’s own instant folk hero


It only has been a couple of weeks, but already Rob Rowen has reached near folk hero status around the country.

At one time, A&P stood for something


I had a part-time job after school at the A&P grocery store on Dale Mabry near Henderson Boulevard.

Semi-retired? For this scribe, it’s like semi-pregnant


I semi-retired a year ago today, cutting back my columns that appear here in Mother Trib from four a week to two.