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Saturday, Oct 22, 2016

William March

Tribune Staff

March column: Local Democrats giving candidates lots of cash


The Hillsborough County Democratic Party will be giving an unprecedented $100,000 to local Democratic candidates, the result of an unusually successful fundraising year.

Local GOP candidates not eager to discuss Trump


We asked Republican candidates who will be on Hillsborough County ballots in November their opinions on GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. The most obvious conclusion: They’re not eager to talk about him.

Moderate middle makes a comeback in Tampa state House debate


The moderate middle doesn’t seem popular in politics lately, but during a Tampa state House candidates’ forum Tuesday it was where everybody wanted to be.

March column: Race grows close so party may help Democrat Singer


The Florida Democratic Party has been giving “in-kind” donations — payments covering staff salaries and other campaign costs — to state House candidates Rena Frazier and Lisa Montelione, but n...