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Sunday, Feb 07, 2016

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

Was head table at state fair luncheon a preview of next governor’s race?


The annual Governor’s Day Luncheon on the opening day of the Florida State Fair is a time to see and be seen. It’s one of those “must-go” events.

Manilow needs a choir? Who you gonna call? Start with Isaac Ruffin

- Columnist Joe Henderson explains that Isaac Ruffin, when not applying his musical gifts for a Tampa church, is the go-to person around here for those seeking singers for all kinds of gigs, such as backing up Barry Manilow a...

We know Washington is gridlocked, but does it even want to get out?


You may be among those who can’t fathom how Donald Trump could be the next president of the United States. Or perhaps you thought you knew how our political system works, but the rise of Ted Cruz and Bernie Sander...

Cambridge Christian prayer case will be interesting to watch


The separation of church and state is not an actual law. It’s basically a doctrine that has evolved over the years after various legal rulings, including some by the U.S. Supreme Court. It generally is accepted to...

If the NRA wins on open carry law for Florida, what might it aim for next?

- No one is better than the NRA at manufacturing a problem, columnist Joe Henderson writes. Now, it’s raising the fear bar by arguing people with a concealed weapons permit can be arrested for accidentally flashing a w...

Stop Act proposal on fundraising is a Jolly good idea


Voters from Florida’s 13th Congressional District had every right to believe they were sending David Jolly to do the people’s work when they elected him in 2014 to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Less drama, more focus the new normal at Hillsborough school board


The Hillsborough County School Board passed an important milestone a couple of days ago. In keeping with the way things operate there these days, not many people noticed. But, yes, it has been a year since the board, by ...

Straz crowd roars approval at ‘The Lion King’


From the music, to costumes, to the sets, dancing, special effects and, of course, to the performances up and down the cast, the stage adaptation of “The Lion King” that just opened at the Straz Center is ...

Who knew there so was much interest in property appraiser race?


I had to do a double take Tuesday night when I arrived at the Columbia Restaurant museum in Ybor City. The occasion was the formal re-election campaign kickoff for Hillsborough County Property Appraiser Bob Henriquez, an...

Eakins controversy is a tempest in search of a teapot


Jeff Eakins, the superintendent of Hillsborough County Schools, is a Christian. It’s no secret. One of the first things he promised after succeeding MaryEllen Elia last year was to push the concept of servant lead...

Supreme Court death penalty ruling leaves state with big mess


Whether you agree with Tuesday’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to strike down Florida’s death penalty law or not, you have to concede one thing.

Legislature vows to play nice this year; place your wagers now


We’ll start today with what, I guess, is good news.

Florida got it right with Bolin execution

- The world got better when Oscar Ray Bolin was forcibly evicted from the realm of the living to whatever awaited in the Great Beyond, columnist Joe Henderson writes.

President’s recent gun action is tame, but the hysteria following it isn’t

- Mention the words “gun” and “control” in the same sentence and mouths will start foaming, heads will start spinning and rational thought heads for the exits, writes columnist Joe Henderson.

Jeb has a long way to go, but there’s still time


Jeb! Bush spent about an hour recently with the editorial board of The Tampa Tribune, responding in depth to questions about a wide range of policies he would push if he is elected president of the United States.

Christmas nuggets to go with your Christmas dinner


Merry Christmas.

From homeless to hopeful, they now help those in need

- Katina Hickmon and older sister Albrina Hendry have launched an outreach program to help the homeless and needy people.

Can’t anyone even raise a reasonable question about guns? Evidently not


’Tis the season of absolutes.

Facts don’t seem to matter just now in presidential debates


Political fact-checkers should get a Christmas bonus for the extra work they’ve had to do because of the presidential debates. Take the most recent evening of truth-stretching/fact-ignoring Tuesday in the Republic...

Buckhorn’s visit to local mosque became a teaching moment


Sometimes, you have to go out of your way to do the right thing. As he was driving his young daughters to school Friday morning, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn decided that time had come.

Being governor should be about more than just creating jobs


The economy was in freefall when Rick Scott rode to the governor’s mansion in 2010. Unemployment was high and the outlook for anything better was uncertain. Scott brought a singular focus to Tallahassee: create jo...

It’s time to put some teeth in Florida’s driving-texting ban


People have a right to be concerned when the government invades and rules every aspect of our lives. It’s called the “nanny state” and I get it.