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Thursday, May 26, 2016
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Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

GOP’s core message lost in candidates’ bluster over lifestyle


There have been a lot of terrible mergers, such as John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Palace intrigue yet again at the governor’s mansion, but it’s no surprise


The job of state insurance commissioner is important to every citizen in Florida, but it usually isn’t something people talk about around the dinner table. Then again, normal rules don’t apply when Rick Sco...

“No Hillsborough?” Commissioners wimp out on traffic

- A majority of the Hillsborough County Commission spoke with unmistakable clarity about Go Hillsborough, columnist Joe Henderson says. But here’s the translation of their message: You, the people, cannot be trusted wi...

Review: Carole King musical ‘Beautiful’ takes you on a far away journey

- So far away ...The words to that melancholy ballad from 1971 seemed apropos for the opening-night production of “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical” Tuesday at the Straz Center.

Jolly crusade against fund-raising is sincere, but what’s the cost to him?

- David Jolly is young, appealing, conservative without being strident, and his stand on fund raising is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Joe Henderson writes. But that stand is no way to win friends or land spots on influential c...

Enough with the stalling, let voters decide fate of Go Hillsborough


Mike Merrill, Hillsborough County’s administrator, is not an overly emotional guy. He is businesslike, focused and methodical. He generally leaves the rah-rah stuff and sound bites to the people who crave the spot...

Say hello to the latest ‘outsider’ candidate from the Angry Party

- Anger is the fastest-growing political movement in the country, Joe Henderson writes, and Carlos Beruff sure speaks the language. He is from Bradenton and is running as a Republican for the U.S. Senate, so we should pay att...

BP oil disaster anniversary reminds that damage can last a lifetime (or longer)


Remember Tuesday’s front-page story in your Tampa Tribune the next time some politician preaches the energy gospel of “drill, baby, drill.”

Tax laws have to be fixed, but Cruz’s plan might be a Trojan Horse


The current tax system is convoluted, weighted against the middle class and makes everyone suspect rich folks pay a smaller share of their income than you. Many times that is more than a suspicion.

New law is free agency for prep athletes or just freedom. Either way, it’s time.


A high school student in Hillsborough County can travel halfway across town to study such things as culinary arts, veterinary sciences, visual and performing arts, architecture, robotics and other choices. If they qualif...

Go Hillsborough transportation plan might have juice after all


From the moment the Go Hillsborough idea was launched, I thought it would flop.

To be Frank, Clerk Pat says she still has a zest for the job


If her campaign to continue as Hillsborough County’s clerk of court and comptroller is successful, Pat Frank will be 87 years old when she begins her next term. I figured I would get that fact out of the way early...

County residents right to ask what’s in transportation plan for them


All of the enthusiasm about what’s happening in Tampa, especially downtown, ignores that two-thirds of Hillsborough County residents live in unincorporated areas. That’s a problem.

It didn’t take long to learn why Frontier cable begins with a capital ‘F’

- Frontier would tell you transitions are tricky and glitches like those being experienced by former Verizon customers are expected. That doesn’t ease the pain columnist Joe Henderson and other Frontier customers have ...

Neighbors have a point about safety at Peter O. Knight Airport


The best thing about Peter O. Knight Airport is its location at the end of Davis Islands. People can step out of an airplane and make their business meeting 10 minutes later in downtown Tampa.

‘Religious freedom’ laws are just another attempt to divide the people


I’ve always thought the so-called “religious freedom” push in some state legislatures was a law in search of a problem. If I was a person of faith — which, hey, I am — I might get right...

Just when you think Trump can’t top himself, he does


It has been an eternity since politicians and chatter heads on TV were hyperventilating because Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with misdemeanor battery after allegedly shoving a fe...

Lawmakers cut off Rick Scott’s money tap for job incentives


If Rick Scott has shown nothing else in the five-plus years he has been Florida’s governor, it is this: He has never met a tax he wouldn’t cut. That’s especially true if that tax might affect the bot...