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Friday, Nov 27, 2015

Joe Henderson

Tribune Staff
Henderson, Joe

Please, St. Petersburg, don’t make same baseball error twice

- In 1986, St. Pete decided to build a dome without a team at the far western end of the marketplace, and plenty of people sounded the alarm, writes Joe Henderson. Now the mayor says the city wants a new Rays park at the same...

Gov. Scott’s feud with Putnam hurts forestry firefighters the worst


Rick Scott never held political office before he ran for governor. After five years as Florida’s top politician, though, it’s clear he has mastered the art of payback.

“Free-market” toll road solution is just Trickle Down Transportation


Here is the theory behind the Florida Department of Transportation’s ever-increasing love affair with pay-to-use highways.

Gyrocopter pilot chose a poor way to express the right ideal


I’ll say this much for Douglas Hughes, the Ruskin man who flew his gyrocopter onto the grounds at the U.S. Capitol as a civil protest for campaign finance reform: His heart was in the right place.

Failure? I didn’t see it at Lockhart Elementary


I wasn’t too sure how things were going to go Thursday as I walked into a classroom filled with fifth-graders at Lockhart Elementary School in Tampa. It was the Great American Teach-In, and my friend, Susan Donald...

Refugee hysteria is about politics, not security


The hysteria we’re seeing and hearing all over the news has nothing to do with keeping us safe from orphans, mothers or hungry babies fleeing from Islamic terrorists. It’s certainly not about the national i...

Carson doesn’t get to define his vetting for president


The question hanging over Ben Carson isn’t so much about the inconsistencies in his life story. Much more important is how he dealt with questions about them, and he hasn’t exactly been cool under fire.

Book sheds light on baseball back-stabbing in Tampa


There was a time when a philanthropist, entrepreneur and community-minded man wanted to bring Major League Baseball here. That team would have played in a ballpark he wanted to build next to what is now Raymond James Sta...

Whatever happened to the Jeb! Bush we used to know?

- The Jeb! Bush we knew as Florida’s governor could be abrupt, dismissive and condescending, Joe Henderson writes, but you knew he was in control. That man seems to be nowhere to be found as he struggles to gain ground...

Latest Starbucks flap is a tempest in a coffee cup


To quote the philosopher-king Charlie Brown, oh good grief.

Our transportation system stinks, but who wants to pay to fix it?


A Hillsborough County board just reinforced what we already know. Our transportation system stinks, and we need to make it better.

Felony witness protection law well-intentioned but flawed


What if there were 1,100 exemptions to the Second Amendment? Or the same number of exemptions to the freedom of religion protection?

Meet the candidates when they come to town, but don’t take it seriously yet


It’s always interesting when someone running for president of the United States comes to town, even if the election won’t actually happen until Nov. 8, 2016 — one year and four days from now.

Agnew should have been careful what he wished for


We are approaching the 46th anniversary of Vice President Spiro Agnew’s landmark speech in Iowa, when he attacked national news c...

Letter to governor from Chamber CEO “tempest in a teapot”


Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce CEO Bob Rohrlack majored in journalism at Troy University and has quite a flair for writing. He proved that with his snarky, pointed letter to Gov. Rick Scott about the local aviation au...

Ghost of candidates past is back, and his name is Charlie Crist


When the Florida Supreme Court ruled the boundaries of congressional District 13 violated the state Constitution, many might have seen that as another dense political story filed under “W” for “whate...

Tom Lee: “This has been a bad chapter in legislative history”


State Sen. Tom Lee of Brandon is known for speaking his mind without regard to bruised feelings. He is a Republican and highly popular in a conservative district, but even members of his own party don’t get off ea...

‘Gentleman’s Guide’ at Straz is a delightful, campy romp


The first scribbling in my notebook after the curtain rose Wednesday for “A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder” at the Straz Center read like this: Great sets! Great costumes!

Why the rush now in St. Pete for new Rays stadium plan?

- Talks over the future of the Rays in St. Petersburg are escalating, but Joe Henderson suggests the city and team just skip the theatrics. The upcoming city council election will go a long way in determining the team’...

Benghazi ‘investigation’ just another GOP smear attempt


The first seven investigations didn’t find evidence to run Hillary Clinton off the national stage, because there was none, so those zany Republicans of the House Select Committee bring you ...

Free tuition pitch is just another empty political stunt


There was one of those “did they really say that?” moments during the Democratic debate the other night.

Whatever happened to simply calling the cops?


Florida law makes it illegal to carry a gun onto state college campuses, but a bill to change that is working its merry way through the Legislature. Lawmakers are considering whether to allow anyone with a concealed weap...

Are fantasy sports harmless fun or end run around regulations?

- Websites such as FanDuel and DraftKings are big business for those looking for a quick gambling score. Joe Henderson ponders whether major sports’ ownership stakes are fueling a “Wild West” atmosphere that...

Why wait for the facts when it’s so much fun to scream foul now?


As a master of insult and unsubstantiated innuendo, Sam Rashid has become the Donald Trump Mini-Me of local politics.

It’s time for Plan B on Go Hillsborough effort


The county’s ballyhooed Go Hillsborough plan to address long-term transportation needs might not be clinically dead, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to call for a priest.

Ross makes his play for greater role in House leadership


Republican Dennis Ross swept into the U.S. House of Representatives in 2010 as part of the tea party revolution. He has been as reliably conservative since going to Washington as you might expect.