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Saturday, May 28, 2016
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500-pound actor known for low-budget movies dies in NY at 62

Joe Fleishaker (FLY'-shay-kur), a 500-pound actor known for his work in low-budget horror films, has died
Published: 05/26/16

Documents show different medal count for 'American Sniper'

Documents show the number of medals slain Navy Seal and "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle received is different from what he indicated in his best-selling memoir about his four tours of duty in Iraq
Published: 05/25/16

Lawyer for Mexico drug lord demands payment from US networks

A lawyer for Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman says he will sue television networks if they air a new series on the imprisoned Mexico drug lord's life without paying him
Published: 05/25/16

'Fast & Furious' revs up for 15th anniversary re-release

"The Fast and the Furious" is speeding back into theaters this summer in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the film that launched the improbable $3.9 billion franchise
Published: 05/25/16

GLAAD responds to #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend

Advocacy group GLAAD says the trending topic #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend, which emerged Tuesday on Twitter, is a sign that audiences are eager for significant LGBT characters in their superhero movies
Published: 05/25/16

'Godfather' notebook featuring Coppola comments out in fall

"Godfather" obsessives can look forward to a new publication this fall: A 700-page "Notebook" featuring Francis Ford Coppola's original annotations of the Mario Puzo best-seller
Published: 05/25/16

EU wants quota of European films on providers like Netflix

The EU has unveiled proposals to make it easier to buy online across borders, oblige providers like Netflix to offer European films and protect children from harmful content
Published: 05/25/16

Depp's dog fight with Australian deputy leader continues

Australia's deputy prime minister has boasted that he had got into Johnny Depp's head like fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter after the Hollywood star actor quipped that the ruddy-faced lawmaker appeared to be "inbred with a tomato."
Published: 05/25/16

China's Wanda prepares for battle with 'old brand'

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck have a new and deep-pocketed challenger: China's shopping mall ki
Published: 05/25/16

Australian who raped German backpacker sentenced to 9 years

An Australian man who kidnapped, drugged and raped a German backpacker has been sentenced to nine years in prison for an attack that has drawn comparisons to the grisly Australian horror film "Wolf Creek."
Published: 05/25/16