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Racers prepare for foam-filled challenge Saturday in Dade City

Tribune correspondent
Published: May 8, 2014
Participants at Saturday’s 5K Foam Fest at Little Everglades Ranch in Dade City will race through an obstacle course with 16 challenges, including mud pits, walls and more.

DADE CITY — Hundreds of runners will wade and run through foam Saturday during an obstacle run, the 5K Foam Fest at Little Everglades Ranch, 17851 Hamilton Road, Dade City.

“This is kind of our trademark race,” said Michell Capunay, events manager of the Florida race. “We wanted a mud obstacle race, but thought of something that could be different, and maybe easier or more fun, so we added foam.”

This weekend’s foam run is put on by Roundhouse Racing, a Utah-based company founded in 2011 by friends Dave Ballard and Ryan Cook. Their goal was to create a company that puts on obstacle races, but the Foam Fest became the company’s speciality after three races last year in Florida plus 30 more scheduled across the country this year.

“This will definitely be easier than other obstacle races,” Capunay said. “There’s just different obstacles than you’ll see at Tough Mudder or the others, but with having the foam, it’s not so hard and because of that it’s what we like to call a fun-core race. Those others are considered hardcore, and while fun, this is challenging, but for more people who may be starting out on their athletic journey and moving on to even harder runs afterward.

“Don’t get me wrong, there will be those people that always do 5Ks or marathons or the harder obstacles races that do this, too, but we get more of a wide range of people at Foam Fest.”

The race begins at 8 a.m., when organizers start sending waves every 10 minutes until 2 p.m.

Capunay is expecting most runners to be part of big groups of friends or work peers teaming up for a laughable time working the 16 obstacles, including four new ones. Some of the obstacles are inflatable and, of course, filled with foam. Other obstacles include army crawls, colossal walls, mud pits, cargo net climbs, and slip and slides.

Runners must be 10 or older to run; however, the event is family-friendly, and for those younger than 10, Capunay says there’s kid-friendly obstacles to conquer.

Following the race, similar to the previous obstacle runs and events held at Little Everglades, there will be a party with food and drinks.

“There’s big group of friends, but we get a lot of females,” Capunay added. “Ages you see a lot is 20 to 40, and the groups can get pretty big, too, but you can see they’re always having fun. People love diving head first into the mud and they love diving into the foam just as much.”

Cost for the race is $90 and proceeds benefit Mike’s Lemonade A Child’s Hope Foundation. Runners ages 10 to 15 must run with a registered adult. Parking is $10 per vehicle. For information, visit

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