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For $3, have Superman time at Home Theatre

Tribune correspondent
Published: July 12, 2013
Roger Boyes is one of the organizers of the Home Theatre's family-friendly Super-thon.

Look! In Zephyrhills! It's Superman.Superman fans can immerse themselves in the legend of the Man of Steel at the Home Theatre in Zephyrhills as it presents a "Super-thon" on Saturday.From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., the twin theater will show films of Superman - both old and not as old - from Kirk Alyn's portrayal, beginning in 1948, to an episode of "Smallville" and cartoon representations."This is a super family-friendly day," said organizer Roger Boyes. "The harshest-rated video is PG for the 'Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut.' Everyone can dress as Superman, Supergirl, Lois Lane or anyone else you want. Just have fun with it. I'm sure we'll see tons of Superman family shirts at the very least."Boyes and other volunteers have been trying to revitalize the Home Theatre on Main Street in Zephyrhills, showing a variety of films on the big screen."We've got the theater, and were trying to help get the theater going again," Boyes said. "I'm a huge Superman fan to start with, so I figured other people would like to see the rare stuff that hasn't been seen."Among the highlights will be an episode of "I Love Lucy" where George Reeves portrays his iconic Superman character.The Reeves "Adventures of Superman" legacy will be represented by a showing of the feature films "Superman and the Mole Men" as well as two pilots that never saw air time but were meant to capitalize on the popularity of "The Adventures of Superman.""The Adventures of Superboy," a 1961 pilot starring John Rockwell, had been planned to continue the Reeves Superman tradition after Reeves died, but it never aired. On the more bizarre side is a showing of the 1958 pilot "The Adventures of Superpup.""Superpup" was filmed on the same sets as the Reeves Superman show but with giant puppetlike characters with names such as Bark Bent as Superpup's alter ego working for editor Terry Bite and with a girl reporter named Pamela Poodle.In addition, there will be popcorn, drinks, candy and hot dogs, Boyes said."We will also be having a 'Reeve-athon' for die-hard Christopher Reeve fans running in theater No. 2 alongside our main event. Feel free to stroll to either side," Boyes said. The schedule in theater No. 2 will be "Superman: The Movie," "Superman 2," "Superman 3," "Superman 4: The Quest for Peace" and then "Superman 2: the Richard Donner Cut."The admission will be a donation of $3, and moviegoers will get a wristband so they can come and go.