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Monday, Oct 23, 2017
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From Tiny Tiffin To The Big Show

TAMPA - The Super Bowl is known as the largest sports stage, and Steelers receiver Nate Washington started his career performing at a community theater. Washington played for Tiffin University in Ohio, which should be enough inspiration for the University of Phoenix to finally start its football program. He entered the NFL as an undrafted free agent in 2005, and the pride of Tiffin has never left. Staying with the theme of "small," Washington spoke about those little things in life for the Super Bowl edition of the Wide Right column. Washington's answers might have been larger than his school's campus. Anwar: How small is Tiffin, Ohio?
Nate: If it was a room, it definitely would only have four corners. The population is somewhere around 25,000. It's not big at all. Anwar: What was your favorite small-town weekend activity? Nate: Going over to a buddy's house and hanging out all night. Playing video games. Playing cards. There really wasn't anything to do. If we wanted something to do, we had to leave the city and go to Toledo. Anwar: How small was your athletic dorm? Nate: Ha, ha, ha! Man, if that was a room, it probably had two corners. It was very small. We all had to share the same quarters, all the sports. Anwar: How small did you think your chances were of making the NFL? Nate: The NFL wasn't even in my mind. Even in my senior year, I never thought I had a shot like that. Actually, the NFL was never my dream. I wanted to be an architect. I never really chased the NFL dream like that. Anwar: So it was just one of those things that when an opportunity is presented to you Nate interrupts ... Nate: When God places things in front of you, you have to seize it, huh? That's what happened. Anwar: Who is the best small mouse - Mighty Mouse or Mickey Mouse? Nate: Ooh. I will say Mighty Mouse just because they used to call Hines Ward "Mighty Mouse." I'm biased. Anwar: Who would you rather have a small acting role with - Jessica Alba or Eva Mendes? Nate: Eva, hands down. You should have said her first and you wouldn't even have had to ask me about somebody else. Anwar: OK then, Eva or Halle Berry? Nate: Ooh. I'm going to say Halle because she's from Ohio. She's from Cleveland. Anwar: OK, which rapper would you do a small cameo appearance with Nate interrupts ... Nate: If Jay-Z is one of your options, then you don't even have to ask me. Anwar: So I can't ask you about Lil' Wayne? Nate: Nope. Anwar: Who has the smallest amount of singing talent - T-Pain or Kanye West? Nate: Kanye, definitely. He definitely has the low end of that stick. Anwar: Which show is there a smaller chance of you ever appearing on - "Jackass" or "Cheaters?" Nate: Ha, ha, ha. That's good. I want to say "Cheaters," but I don't want it to get out there that I'm cheating on my women. I'm going to say "Jackass." I'm not going to reveal everything. Anwar: What would happen if I saw Nate being watched on those "Cheaters" night-vision goggles? Nate: I'm going to have to whip that guy's butt he said while laughing. Anwar: Who has the best small fries - McDonald's or Burger King? Nate: McDonald's. Anwar: What is the smallest car you ever drove? Nate: It was a 1992 Nissan Sentra. It was a two-door. It was my mom's car and there wasn't any sitting in the back seat. We all had to turn sideways. Anwar: You obviously played a small role in Pittsburgh's previous Super Bowl victory, but how much would you like to play a big part this year? Nate: It would be major to come out and play a major role and get a victory. It would feel 10 times different from winning a Super Bowl the last time now.
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