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Monday, Jun 18, 2018
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Spooky ‘honey moon’ to light up Friday the 13th sky

Some hold on to the belief that bad luck occurs on Friday the 13th. Those same people might look at a full moon and say it brings out the oddest behavior in people.

Together? Well, look out.

This spooky confluence of events will take place when early risers will see a bright full moon on Friday the 13th — which hasn’t occurred in June since 1919. It also won’t happen again on a Friday the 13th until 2019, and on that unlucky date in June until June 13, 2098, according to Universe Today.

Aside from the bizarre coincidence, astrology buffs will take extra pleasure in Friday’s full moon.

Because the June solstice falls on June 21, the moon will be at its lowest point along the horizon — only 12 degrees above the horizon — and was very apparent early this morning.

It also is called a “honey moon,” referring to this time of year when bee hives are full of honey, which also explains the bright honey-colored hue the moon will take on.

So don’t be surprised if your friends, who are into astronomy, howl at this rare sight. Or at the very least, fill your Facebook feed with pictures of the low, bright moon.

And if you happen to take a picture yourself, be sure to tweet it to us @TBOcom or post it on our Facebook page.

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