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Sunday, Feb 19, 2017

Chance rescue for teen after fall into forest cactus

BROOKSVILLE - A Tallahassee teenager who fell on a cactus bed in the Withlacoochee State Forest is lucky to be alive after a chance encounter with a Brooksville teen. Micah Robinson, 15, was running by himself through the forest in Hernando County during a Junior ROTC competition when he fell. Thorns from the cactus stuck in his hands and mouth. Some stuck in the back of his tongue, which started to swell, Micah said. He called for help for 10 minutes, but nobody came. His situation deteriorated and doctors said if he remained there 15 more minutes, he likely would have suffocated, Micah said.
Then 16-year-old Joshua Reyes, a Springstead High School student, stumbled upon Micah completely by chance. While on another course, Joshua dropped his phone and started backtracking. He went the wrong way and ended up finding Micah. "I guess it was just fate that we ended up together," Joshua said. Added Micah: "Like finding a fish out in the middle of the ocean. "It's like a million-in-one chance that he would ever find someone like that."
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